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Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

“Emil stop!” Is written on a sign in the courtyard of the Alpirsbach monastery brewery. The sign was put up there at times when the beer was still picked up by the beer coach and distributed to the surrounding inns and customers. Those were the times when the beer coachman was allowed to enjoy a beer at every stop. Our Emil apparently adhered to this custom very closely and occasionally drank one too much. In this case there was the Emil stop sign, which was supposed to prevent him from driving against the wall with a carriage, horse and barrels. Emil is unfortunately no longer there and the beer is no longer brought out by carriage, but it still tastes wonderful!

The best beer far and wide

Another story from the eventful past of the Alpirsbacher brewery is that of Johann Gottfried Glauner and his son. The latter moved out to be trained as a brewer in Weihenstephan and came home in 1880 to brew "the best beer far and wide". No sooner said than done: The beer from the Klosterbräu tasted so good that it could not only compete with that of the surrounding breweries. It was so popular that it soon sold well beyond the borders of Alpirsbach. No wonder, after all, the Alpirsbach people have always had the highest demands on their beer. Only the best raw materials find their way into the cauldron, regional things are also welcome. The Alpirsbach people are still committed to preserving their beautiful Black Forest and the surrounding nature.

Happiness, freshly brewed

Calling your beer freshly brewed happiness is daring. After all, the term luck sets the bar pretty high. But that doesn't bother the Alpirsbacher at all. Not for nothing did they come up with this slogan for their beer. Strictly according to the purity law, excellent beers are brewed here using old recipes and traditional methods. They are particularly proud of the water that is used for brewing. From the sources of the Black Forest comes water that is so soft and untouched that it can flow untreated directly from the source into the brewhouse. They even boast that the water, along with Pilsen water, is the best brewing water in the world. That can only be good! In addition to their beers, the Alpirsbach people have focused on fine beer specialties such as malt liqueur or strong beer vinegar . For more beer in the salad and a shot of beer after the evening beer!

Logo: Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG
Marktplatz 1
72275 Alpirsbach

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 07444 / 670 07444 / 670

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