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Brasserie de L’Abbaye des Rocs

The Abbaye des Rocs is a real pioneer in Belgium: Jean-Pierre Eloir and his wife Marie-Jeanne Bertiau were the first to obtain permission for a so-called micro-brewery. In doing so, they opened the door to the craft beer movement before it really existed. Their micro-brewery did not open in the early 90s, but a decade earlier. So real avant-garde!

With upcycling to success

Since the craft beer movement was not even in its infancy and Jean-Pierre Eloir's family were the very first to venture into commercial brewing with the smallest of outputs, it was correspondingly difficult to find the right machines and equipment. But you knew what to do and quickly reworked everything that seemed even remotely useful. For example, the drum of a disused washing machine ended up in the small brewery. The concept of upcycling is commonplace today, but then Jean-Pierre was once again a revolutionary and a pioneer of a modern movement. To this day, the family holds the value of upcycling high and is proud of their resourceful ideas and the practical streak that connects everyone. After Jean-Pierre and Marie-Jeanne, their daughter Nathalie is at the helm today. Together with her partner Georges, Nathalie manages the brewery and leads production in seven-mile steps towards the future.

pure nature

Nathalie is also responsible for the modern touch: under the motto "Bohemian eco-chic" she has transformed the brewery into an area that provides information, invites you to stroll and offers a holistic approach to the topic of beer. The harmonious combination of tradition and innovation is a guarantee of success and has made the brewery popular far beyond the borders of Belgium. Of course, the excellent beers also contribute to the good reputation: The Abbaye des Rocs has a wide range of beers, all of which are made from natural raw materials. In contrast to many Belgian brewers, no sugar is added to the beer here, the soft sweetness in the beer comes from the malt. Grain naturally contains substances that are not fermented. As a rule, these are filtered out of the beer and cannot completely influence the taste. In the Abbaye des Rocs, these taste-giving substances are left in the beer and thus ensure a plus in taste and supporting sweetness. In addition to hops, malt and yeast, the spices so typical of Belgian beers also find their way into the kettle. They give the beer that certain something and provide the characteristic taste. Their seasonally available Christmas beer Speciale Noël , for example, is particularly spicy and flavorful, which is brought out every year at Christmas time and which fans and friends of the brewery eagerly await year after year.

Logo: Brasserie de L’Abbaye des Rocs

Brasserie de L’Abbaye des Rocs S.A.
CH. Brunehault 37

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