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Brauerei Rittmayer oHG

Located at the gateway to picturesque Franconian Switzerland, you expect one thing above all from the traditional brewery: brewing tradition. The fact that a long-established brewery is breaking away from the stink of the old days and is a top player in the modern craft beer scene may surprise some beer drinkers. The Rittmayer brewery is one of the oldest breweries in the Forchheim district and has classics as well as seasonal specialties and craft beer specialties on offer. Like almost no other brewery, she manages to combine tradition and modernity.

Tradition with a vision

Brewing tradition that has lasted for centuries and is still in constant motion - that is the credo of the Rittmayer brewery in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. The family business can look back on an eventful brewing history dating back to 1422. But instead of resting on the laurels of bygone days and clinging to old-fashioned traditions, Hallerndorf is always up to date. Alongside traditional classics, there are modern brewing products. The Bitter line, for example: With beers such as the Rittmayer Bitter 42 or the Rittmayer Bitter 58 , it is one of the most popular products from the small brewery. “In vino veritas” was yesterday, today we philosophize about a malty-sweet, light goat. Or while drinking the award-winning Smoky George , which represents the strong character of the Upper Franconian craft beer movement. It was developed together with the Nuremberg whiskey club and is characterized by its gentle, not at all ham-heavy smoke aroma. For those who only like traditional beer styles, the Rittmayer brewery offers 13 different types, from country beer to wheat beer. Well get it!

Craft in a new guise

The Rittmayer brewery has treated itself to a little change of scenery with its newly designed labels: old and new classics shine in a new guise and appeal to younger customers. Of course, that doesn't change the principles that the traditional brewery has adhered to for over 500 years. The Bavarian Purity Law is an irrevocable authority for the brewers at the Rittmayer Brewery and a seal of quality that they like to adhere to. Brewer Georg Rittmayer comes from a long line of brewers and has high quality standards for his products. Despite all the love for craftsmanship and tradition, a certain modernity is still indispensable. At the Rittmayers, this comes in the form of a sophisticated energy concept that enables the brewery to dispense with fossil fuels. Beer for environmental protection, that's how we like it!

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Brauerei Rittmayer oHG
An der Mark 1
91352 Hallerndorf

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phone + 49 9545 440940 + 49 9545 440940

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