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Brewist brings beer to your home. But not ready-to-eat in bottles. With the Brewist brewing sets, every beer fan can fulfill their dream of their own beer and transform the kitchen into a brewhouse.

Brewing instead of drinking beer

Enjoying good beer is an activity that in most cases leads to an interest in beer in general. You can taste exceptional beers or particularly good local specialties and become curious about what is behind these beers. You read in, familiarize yourself with technical terms and brewer jargon and maybe even become a beer-loving expert. Knowledge is power, but practice is what is most fun. That's what Kathy and Jörg thought too. The two passionate beer drinkers learned everything about beer in theory in the course of their very private beer careers and then realized that with all this beer knowledge, there is a great desire to brew your own beer. After the two made this discovery not only in themselves, they nailed their heads and founded the better brewers. Her hobbies are sets with which you can make refined, culinary products at home. Under the Brewist label, Kathy and Jörg sell brew sets with which you can brew your very own beer.

Be a brewer with Brewist

Most beer drinkers have secretly dreamed of brewing their own beer. Swinging the mash paddle and creating a drink that exactly matches your own taste is an uplifting idea. Brewist makes this dream come true! The Hamburg-based company wants to support the homebrewer movement and equips you with everything you need for your first own beer. The brew sets contain yeast, malt and hops as well as a whole range of equipment that you cannot find in your own kitchen cupboard. The package comes with detailed step-by-step instructions that make brewing easy, even for beginners, with simple, clearly formulated instructions. Brewist has managed to bundle the quintessence of a brewery in cardboard boxes and enables you to become your own master brewer. And even if the Chamber of Crafts won't just deliver this title to you on a silver platter, you can still impress friends and family with your own beer creations.

Brewist makes you a brewer!

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