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BUTT Papierkram

What do beer and paper have in common? Buttique! Under the label Butt Papierkram, the creative team behind Buttique does not create beer labels, but postcards with beer-related topics and funny sayings. In this case, even the biggest beer fanatic shouldn't mind a little paper between the beer. After all, everything revolves around our favorite drink.


Just do it, that's what Bine, Tom, Uschi and Torsten thought and founded their own design label in 2012. We'd have to lie that the team of four founded their company over a cold beer, but as so often it was the bottle of wine. With said bottle of red wine, the idea was spun to combine the creative energies into a joint project. And it was good. Nobody had any real experience with their own agency, but that didn't stop them from doing anything. Especially not from the groundbreaking success that the designers had with the distribution of their products. Stationery, smart gifts and lifestyle stuff brought the team international attention and a place on the most prestigious sales stages in the world. It is not for nothing that you will find audience favorites like the Beer Heaven or Respect the Beer cards in the Bierothek® range.

Man thing

These cool cards are finally something for the husband, brother or best friend. Because let's be honest, who doesn't know the endless search for a greeting or birthday card that doesn't put your loved one in a sugar shock? The current stationery trends apparently only allow cards that come in pastel colors, with cute animals or at least with a lot of gold. With Butt Papierkram in the Bierothek® there is no pink, no unicorn and no glitter anywhere - simply good motifs and even better sayings that revolve around beer. “ Food made from malt and hops is better than a sedative ” - who could disagree?

Logo: BUTT Papierkram

BUTT Papierkram
Hauptplatz 8
86899 Landsberg

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