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With the combined strength of bear and mare - representative of California and Stuttgart - Daniel Bleicher and Zachary Clemens stir up the beer scene in Stuttgart. The logo and name reflect what the brewers have set themselves the goal of: modern beers with traditional roots and that certain something. With great craft beers and a lot of joy in brewing, they counter the triumphant advance of industrial beers and the lack of experimentation of long-established beer drinkers. And with success! The specialty of the craft beer brewery are top-fermented beers, which are brewed in a traditional manner and using the highest quality ingredients.

Hop magician Daniel

If you hear Daniel Bleicher talking about his beer, you think you have a real American in front of you. Full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, the master brewer talks shop about hop varieties and their incredibly varied flavors. You hardly ever hear him talk about the setbacks and the bumpy start of his brewery project; he prefers to rave about IPAs or joke about the high cleaning costs that such an own brewery entails. But it's definitely worth it: Anyone who has ever looked over Daniel's shoulder while brewing or tried one of his creations knows the expertise and passion behind his varieties such as Red Ale or IPA2 . There is real craft in there.

From the bottom up

The Cast success story began in 2010 in a backyard in Stuttgart. With a lot of improvisation and even more manual work, Daniel cobbled together his brewery himself from scratch. Due to a lack of liquidity, the brew kettle was initially a former milk kettle and the filter system a converted shampoo container - nothing that could reduce the success of Cast. The demand was so great that the beer was initially issued in limited quantities: one crate per customer so that there was enough for everyone. The business is now so good that the brewery has moved to a larger location. What started as a risk has blossomed into a true craft beer institution to this day.

In October 2019 the Cast brewery celebrated its reopening with a big party. After the old brewery was no longer able to cope with the steadily growing demand, the brewers quickly moved with sacks and bags. Equipped with a new, larger system, the Cast brewery is now brewing in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

With a lot of passion and expertise, the Cast brewery would like to enrich and expand the already diverse beer landscape of Stuttgart. New beer styles, rediscovered classics and hop-intensive Americans adorn the wide range. And Daniel still has big plans, after all there are still countless types of hops that need to be discovered and made into delicious beer.

Logo: Cast-Brauerei

Cast-Brauerei GmbH
Schlosserstr. 20/1
70180 Stuttgart

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phone 0711 / 50482973 0711 / 50482973

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