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Fürstlich Drehna

Most of the people are familiar with beer from the monastery, as it has a long tradition in our countries. Beer from the castle, on the other hand, is a real specialty. Especially when the good beer has been brewed for more than 250 years and old craftsmanship is upheld in addition to the old recipes.

Nature, tradition, future

The Schlossbrauerei Fürstlich Dreha has been brewing excellent beer in a fantastic ambience for more than 250 years. The aim is always to continuously improve the varied range and adapt it to the exquisite taste of the customers. In the pursuit of the perfect product, the brewery's mission statement is always in focus. The Fürstlich Drehna brewery cares about the environment. As a traditional brewery, Früstlich Drehne feels it has a responsibility to perceive and promote beer as part of our culture. Beer is an integral part of the German cultural treasure and has culinary relevance in all regions of the country. Fürstlich Drehna would like to promote beer in the whole range of taste and variety and do justice to tradition with the highest quality. Active environmental protection in the region is also part of the team behind Fürstlich Drehna. The beer from the castle is brewed in a climate-neutral way and in compliance with the strict standards of the European environmental management system. In addition, the spent grains left over from lautering are fed to animals and the water is heated using waste heat. With a reusable rate of 100%, Fürstlich Drehna is setting a good example.

Slow food

Fürstlich Drehna demands a snail's pace, both in production and in consumption. The castle brewery is clearly in favor of the Slow Food Initiative, which does not like mass production and eating between the door and the hinge. Eating and drinking is part of our culture and should be treated as such. Consciously enjoy and consume responsibly are the motto. Fürstlich Drehna agrees with this manifesto in all points and likes to count herself as part of the Slow Food Movement. And when it comes to box-office hits like the Odin-Trunk , we're also thrilled. The beer from the castle is a complex full beer that is refined with honey. The sonorous name Odin-Trunk identifies the beer as a drink of the gods - and we also find it truly divine!

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Brauerei Fürstlich Drehna GmbH
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 14
10553 Berlin

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phone 030 / 4690540 030 / 4690540
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