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Häffner Bräu GmbH

Thousands of years ago, beer was created through experiments and it is constantly evolving through experiments. The Häffner brewery, or more precisely its master brewer Thomas Wachno, is considered something of the inventor and pioneer of the craft beer movement. But let's start from the beginning - regardless of the fact that the craft beer movement was already in full swing in the USA, Wachno rediscovered it in Germany by accident and began to bring his "invention" to the market bit by bit. Dry hops (dry hops) were unknown in this country for a long time, Wachno himself only came to this brewing principle through a chain of happy coincidences. In-house hops and a great deal of enthusiasm for experimentation ultimately led to Hopfenstopfer becoming something like the in-house craft beer department of the Häffner brewery. It has been known in Bad Rappenau since 2010 that commercial success can be achieved with this type of beer. According to Wachno, exports abroad remain taboo for the time being.

Logo: Häffner Bräu GmbH

Salinenstraße 24
74906 Bad Rappenau
Bad Rappenau

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone +49 (0) 7264 8050 +49 (0) 7264 8050

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