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Beer liqueur is not a world first. For the brothers Stefan and Max it was actually already when their roommate Kay brought them a bottle of the specialty in 2014. Kay had cooked the beer liqueur herself and loved it completely. So excited that they want to share the newly discovered delicacy with the whole world.

Trial and error

Before Kay's beer liqueur could be bottled, labeled and sold, the recipe first had to be fine-tuned. The three guys didn't want to bring just any beer liqueur on the market, they wanted the best beer liqueur. As a rule, beer liqueur is the elegant way large breweries handle their leftovers. Beer that is not sold is processed into beer liqueur and thus made durable. Unfortunately, this process is mostly geared towards the aspect of sustainability and less towards the best possible taste. This creates all sorts of acceptable beer liqueurs, but nothing that would knock passionate beer drinkers like Stefan, Kay and Max off their stools. Most of the products are too sweet or too alcoholic and are actually more like leftovers than gourmet meals. That should change now. With the aim of making beer liqueur a really masculine alternative to Baileys and eggnog, the guys went to work. In the course of a good six months and using the heuristic method of trial and error, numerous types of beer, spices and spirits were thrown together in almost infinite combinations until the magical recipe was finally found.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

The magical recipe was still missing the magical name, because in the wild hipster jungle of young beverage labels it is not easy to stand out. Exaggerated modesty is also out of place, so the guys played poker with high stakes and shook the arch-Catholic foundations of Munich with a tiny bit of blasphemy. He should be called Savior , her best of all beer liqueurs. Crowned with a bearded Jesus with a hipster frieze and the daring slogan "Jesus would drink Savior", the creation (and the scandal) was complete. Far from good and evil, we find the Heiland Doppelbockliqueur truly divine. A complex play of aromas sets the total work of art apart from conventional beer liqueurs. In addition to the wonderful taste of Doppelbock, there are spicy herbal notes in a wonderful symbiosis with fruit components and clear spice tones.

Holy tin, the savior tastes good!


beer liqueur foundation UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Birkenstr. 10
85405 Nandlstadt

location_on Deutschland (DE)  

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