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Huppendorfer Bier

If you order a “Huppi” in Franconia, every landlord knows immediately. The Huppendorfer beer from the Grasser brewery is known and loved far beyond the boundaries of Königsfeld. The family business has been supplying beer-thirsty Franconians with their down-to-earth beers for more than 250 years. After all, a Huppi tastes good at any occasion!

From franc for franc

The Grasser family has passed the brewery down from generation to generation since 1750. With the brewery, however, the values and traditions of the Grassers were also passed on. It is very important to the Grassers that the company is still in family hands even after 250 years. And also the size of the company that goes with it: You could sell the brewery to a corporation and make Huppendorfer beer an export hit all over the world, but the Grassers don't want that. The Grasser Brewery is and should remain a family business. But that is by no means the only principle that the Huppendorfer follow. In order to meet the increasing quality requirements, the system in Huppendorf was completely modernized. New tanks, a wood chip heating system, a photovoltaic system and energy-saving motors ensure that the Huppendorfer beer is brewed as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible while maintaining the good, well-known and proven taste. A special seal of approval that the brewery bears is the title solar beer. Solar beers are brewed exclusively using renewable energies and are sustainable thanks to environmental and resource conservation. The certificate is checked by the TU Munich-Weihenstephan and is a protected label that Huppendorfer can be proud of.

Franconia through and through

We already know that Huppendorfer beer is brewed by Franconia. The following facts show that there is a lot of francs in this good beer. The Grassers are proud of their wood chip system and therefore affectionately call their energy supply “Jura Oil”. This is of course not really oil, but wood chips that are obtained from the Grasser family's own forest and from the forests of local farmers. The sun, which supplies the photovoltaic systems with juice, is not Franconian per se, but it is nevertheless a commendable contribution to environmental protection. And the ingredients in beer are also regional. The water comes from the dry valley between Laibarös and Heroldsmühle, the barley from farmers in the area and the hops come from the Hallertau and Spalt. Beers such as full beer are brewed with full Franconian power. It is a classic in the Bamberg area and is the perfect Franconian lager.

But it also tastes good outside of Franconia, we promise!

Logo: Huppendorfer Bier

Brauerei und Gastwirtschaft Johannes Grasser
Huppendorf 25
96167 Königsfeld

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 09207 / 270 09207 / 270

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