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Kererū Brewing Company

New Zealand's brewing scene is growing and growing, bringing an exciting array of fine craft beers to the rest of the world. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the Kererū brewery from Upper Hutt and its cute logo.

Depraved pigeons

The mascot of the New Zealand brewery Kererū is the bird of the same name: the wood pigeon, which only occurs in New Zealand, is a somewhat larger and more majestic relative of the European street pigeon or wood pigeon and is a protected species. Not only does the pigeon make the perfect heraldic animal of a brewery because of its magnificent appearance, but rather because of one of its habits: After a hearty meal, the pigeons like to settle down in a sunny, warm spot. Their unique anatomy can, on these occasions, cause the previously eaten fruit to ferment in the pigeon's stomach. In this way, the animal gets a real buzz without even taking a sip of alcohol. The brewery with the Kererū in the logo is committed to the protection and preservation of these special pigeons and supports the pigeon population, among other things, by taking care of the distribution of stickers for windows. Drunk pigeons are not good pilots and large window panes can be fatal to them. Incidentally, this also applies to our latitudes, which is why we advocate more bird protection and pigeon-proof windows here too!

Quality beer from Upper Hutt

In addition to animal welfare, the Kererū brewery naturally also attaches great importance to the production of the finest beers. Sustainability plays a key role in this mission, which is why a large part of the raw materials used come from the fertile fields of New Zealand and can be delivered without endlessly long transport routes. After the brewing process, the residues of the raw materials are returned to local farmers and fed to livestock. The heat generated during production is used to heat water and the brewery prefers to work with regional family businesses and farmers. In order to make their beers accessible to the general public, all Kererū creations are gluten-free. Instead of cereals containing gluten, varieties such as sorghum, rice or millet are used, which allergy sufferers can also enjoy without any problems. Production is subject to self-imposed quality controls and strict specifications that ensure that only top-quality beer reaches the end customer.

We have selected a number of outstanding beers from the wide range for you and present them to you here. Cheers to the New Zealand wood pigeon and the Kererū brewery named in its honour!

Logo: Kererū Brewing Company

Kererū Brewing Company
415A Maidstone Terrace
5018 Upper Hutt

location_on Neuseeland (NZ)  
phone +64 4 974 6343 +64 4 974 6343

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