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Sweet Water Brewing Company

Water is the basis of all life. This is not exclusively but to a large extent due to the fact that the clear liquid is the main component of beer. Without water there is no barley juice and that would be absolutely unthinkable. One brewery that combines their love of water with their passion for beverages made from water, malt, hops and yeast is the Atlanta-based SweetWater Brewing Company.

Beer instead of books

The enthusiasm for crystal-clear rivers and lakes can be seen not only in the name but also in the brewery's logo: a magnificent trout adorns the scroll with the brewery's title. The speckled fish is a marker of a body of water's water quality and was the first choice of the duo of avid anglers behind the label. It all started when the two friends were still at university: instead of turning over books, the two of them preferred to drink beer. After long discussions about how to turn this passion into a career, they came up with the plan to have their own brewery. In 1996 the time had come and the construction of the SweetWater Brewery began. At 420, the first brew left the hallowed halls almost a year later and the fun could begin. The team was part of America's first major craft beer movement and rode that wave on the back of hopped creations. Eight years after building their first brewery, they outgrew the premises and moved to downtown Atlanta. A colorful assortment of classic craft beers peppers the brewery's offer, as well as some seasonal specialties and limited special brews.

Celebrations and trout protection

The brewery's first beer was 420 , which would later lend its name to a brewery festival. The 420 Fest was first held at Oakhurst Park in Atlanta in 2005 and has been held annually since. The event now has more than 50,000 visitors per year. Live music, freshly tapped craft beer and the relaxed atmosphere are a real crowd puller. In addition to good music and a relaxed atmosphere, the SweetWater team also appreciates nature. As an angler, you depend on clean water and good water quality and are committed to this. The joint project with the organization Chattahoochee Riverkeeper and the Waterkeeper Alliance has existed for more than ten years and ensures that America's rivers and lakes continue to be an ideal habitat for trout and other creatures. The brewery supports the work of the water protection associations with financial means and uses its reach to draw attention to the importance of nature conservation.

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Logo: Sweet Water Brewing Company

Sweet Water Brewing Company
195 Ottley Drive
30324 Atlanta GA

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