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Sophokles (Brewery Septem): "For me hops is the most important ingredient in a beer"


Based on the annual partner day the Bierothek® magazine met Sophokles, the founder of the Septem brewery. Bierothek® Magazine certainly would not want to miss this opportunity and interviewed the pleasant founder.


Bierothek® Magazine: Do you remeber your first beer?

Sophokles: Yes, that was the Septem Pale Ale and Septem Pilsner in 2009. I brewed it with a very good friend of mine. My friend and I were winegrower at that time and for the first time we tried to brew a beer.

Bierothek® Magazine: Which beer do you personally prefer?

Sophokles: I prefer IPAs and Pale Ales. I like it hoppy and flavored. For me the hops is the most important ingredient in a beer. I work a lot with different kinds of hops and always try to process the best hops in my beers.

Bierothek® Magazine: How and when did you finally come in touch with the topic „beer “?

Sophokles: There were only one or two beer brands in Greece. One day, I tried an imported Pale Ale from America. I was quickly determined to brew such a beer here in Greece. At that time, I was still working in the wine-business, which I gave up in 2009 for beer.

Bierothek® Magazine: Which of your beers is the most popular among the customers?

Sophokles: The bestsellers are Sunday's Honeys Golden Ale, Monday's Pilsner and our Porter.

Bierothek® Magazine: What is the most extraordinary beer in your assortment?

Sophokles: At the moment, there is no extraordinary beer. However, our next beer will be very special. It is bottled in retro bottles and the taste will surprise you positively with its fruitness.

Bierothek® Magazine: Does your brewery offer a starter beer? Moreover, what beer would you recommend to Craftbier novices?

Sophokles: For craft-beer-newcomers, I would recommend the Septem Pale Ale. It is full of different flavors and has a mild taste. With this beer, we have worked in a lot with flavors, which makes it the perfect beer for everyone.

Bierothek® Magazine: What does it mean to you that Bierothek® distributes your beer in Germany?

Sophokles: For us, it is very important that we can sell our beer at the Bierothek®. The Bierothek® is an expert in that area and therefore gives us the opportunity to reach the right customers. This know-how strongly supports the sales of our beers in Germany.


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