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Partner Day of Bierothek® Partner Brands

Whether in Italian, in English, in Estonian or in German language - when it comes to craft-brewing the language is international. On Monday, November 7th 2016 Bierothek® invited Lehe Brewery and Birra Karma prior to BrauBeviale in Nuremberg to their annual partner day. The goal of this international meeting of their exclusive import brands is to develop joint projects like collaboration brews as well as strengthening the Bierothek® partner network. Gristel Tali (from Lehe brewery) came from Tallinn in Estonia, Mario Cipriano, Antonio Cerbone and Chiara Ferro (Birra Karma) came from Alvignano, in the north of Naples to Bierothek®'s headquarter in Bamberg.

First work, then pleasures - faithful to this slogan the group started with some business insights into the German craft beer market. Bierothek® CEO Christian Klemenz presented some market data before the representatives of Birra Karma and Lehe tasted the products of each other. In the meantime, the Ogar Polski of Lehe became the main topic because the brewing style Grätzer is still unknown in Italy.

The historical city of Bamberg was not chosen without reason for the meeting of the cooperation partners. Bamberg is known to be the secret capital for beer in Germany. After visiting a local brewpub the group took a picture in front of the most famous building in Bamberg, the old townhall.

After a short sightseeing tour in Bamberg, the beer experts went to a small town in the north of Bamberg called Breitengüßbach. In Breitengüßbach family Binkert brews different beer styles since 2012– also craft beer for many German craft beer labels. A brewery tour with the exchange of information already formed the untimely end of the common excursion which was not the last in this form probably.

Source: Brauerei Dinkert

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