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The Bierothek® Draws a Positive Balance from the Second Partner Day

To cultivate and maintain partnerships has always been very important for the Bierothek®. On Wednesday, 13th September 2017, the exclusive brands from Estonia, Spain, Poland and Greece were invited to the annual Bierothek® partner day. The goal of the gathering of the exclusive brands of the Bierothek® is to strengthen the Bierothek® partner network and to commonly look for new beer trends and beer brands. For this year’s partner day, Gristel and Tarmo (Lehe brewery) from Estonia, Theresa and Arnau (Espiga brewery) from Spain, Philipp and Grzesiek (Pinta brewery) from Poland and Sophokles (Septem brewery) from Greece travelled to Bamberg to visit the headquarter of the Bierothek®.



The breweries received an overview over current trends, products and solutions from the beer industry. Christian Klemenz, CEO of Bierothek®, presented market figures on general developments as well as the sales figures for individual products at the various locations. “First work, then pleasure” - faithful to this motto a tasting of the beers of the exclusive brands followed. The beer from Poland (Pinta brewery) was the main topic, because the Pinta beery had just been discovered during the trip of the Bierothek® beer scouts in August and could now be tasted by the other exclusive brands as well. 


One can certainly not come to Bamberg without having seen the historical city center. That’s why the group enjoyed strolling the small streets during their sightseeing tour. Once there, the Sandstraße and the Domplatz are two of many "must sees" in Bamberg. 

 Bierothek Bamberg

Before having dinner at the traditional restaurant of the brewery “Spezial”, the group visited the Bierothek® store in the city center of Bamberg. The tenant of the Bierothek® Bamberg, David Hertl, presented the large selection of beers sold in the Bierothek®.The successful day ended with a well saturated stomach, a good mood and in anticipation of next year’s Bierothek® partner day. 


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