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Partner Day 2017: Bierothek® Partner Brands in Bamberg

Last wednesday, on the 13th of september, we had full house in our head office in Bamberg. In advance of drinctec in Munich, the brewers of the international Bierothek® exclusive brands visited to network, to talk about new developments in the craft beer scene and to plan further collaborations. Our guests were, next to the brewery Lehe from Estonia, Espiga from Spain and Septem from Greece, the polish brewers of Pinta as well. After being chosen by our Bierothek®-Bierscouts as the best brewery in Poland, Pinta is now the recent newcomer within the club of the Bierothek®'s exclusive import brands.

After the working part being done, the brewers were able to find some rest during the visit of the Bierothek®'s branch in Bamberg and a traditional Franconian meal. To get an impression of the day, just watch the video below.

If you now want to try the beers of the Bierothek®'s exclusive brands, you can directly in our shop:

Lehe:      https://bierothek.de/brauereien/lehe-brewery
Espiga:    https://bierothek.de/brauereien/espiga
Septem:  https://bierothek.de/brauereien/septem

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