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Huppendorfer Josefi Bock - Huppendorfer Bier

Huppendorfer Bier

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0,50 l bottle
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In addition to their Franconian classics, the Grasser brewery from Huppendorf has a number of seasonal beer specialties in its range. These beers are usually brewed for holidays in the church calendar and according to the season. A special treat is the Josefi-Bock, which is served every year on the feast day of St. Joseph in March.

The powerful Doppelbock comes with an impressive 7.0% alcohol content and inspires with a masterfully balanced harmony of hops and malt. In contrast to conventional Bock beers, the Huppendorfer Josefi-Bock not only presents a magnificent variety of malts, but also brings fine hops into the play of aromas.

In the glass, the Doppelbock appears in a warm gold tone with a copper-red shimmer. A fleeting crown of snow-white foam sits on the beer and gives off an enticing scent of roasted malt, creamy caramel, freshly baked bread and grassy hops. The initial taste reveals a full-bodied body with alcohol notes subtly integrated into the taste and an abundance of aromas. Heavy, slightly sweet malt caresses the palate with notes of rock sugar, caramel and coffee. The toasted aroma and hints of chocolate and bread are accompanied by a cheeky tart of hops, which tastes like freshly mown grass and has a clean bitterness.

The Huppendorfer took a hoppy risk with their Doppelbock, but their courage paid off.

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Bock beers
Food recommendation
Starter : bruschetta
Main course : roast lamb
Dessert : Tiramisu
Glass recommendation
Teku tasting glass
Alcohol content
7.0% vol
Original wort
19 ° Plato
Huppendorfer beer

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei und Gastwirtschaft Johannes Grasser, Huppendorf 25, 96167 Königsfeld, Deutschland (DE)

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