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Pintglas 0,3 l - Maisel & Friends

Maisel & Friends

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For a long time, beer was not one of the drinks with which to toast the good life on a nice evening with friends or loved ones. Most prefer, at least for fancy occasions, white, red or rosé wine, champagne, liqueurs or a fine distillate like gin or whiskey. In recent years, however, beer has blossomed into a real alternative and this is mainly due to the rise of sophisticated craft beers. The noble creations score with a variety of taste nuances, complex aromas, unusual ingredients and innovative brewing technology and have long since overtaken the image of the pleasureless drunk. Today, beer can be an elegant treat for the palate.

What makes the moment even more special and undoubtedly increases the enjoyment is the right glass. This not only makes it more beautiful and sonorous toast, it also looks more stylish on a set table and presents the beer in all its glory.

Like many breweries, the Bayreuth-based Maisel & Friends have developed a range of beautifully designed glasses for their beers. These give the aromas room to develop, optimize foam formation and let the beer shine in all its facets. A favorite in the range is the pint glass with a capacity of 0.3 liters: It is suitable for tasting a wide variety of beer styles and also looks chic.

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Maisel & Friends
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