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Hausbrauer Hell - Vierzehnheiligener Bier

Vierzehnheiligener Bier

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The tradition of home brewing is a Franconian invention. Farmers used to be able to give their barley to their trusted brewery in return for fresh, unaged beer made from their grain. The farmers didn’t have to brew it themselves, they saved on taxes when buying beer and the brewery had more space in the fermenting room for other beers. As a rule, home brew beer was a fairly coarse, unpretentious lager that could be picked up directly by the farmers after the brewing process was complete. They brought their own barrels and the young beer was tapped directly into it and stored by the farmers in their own cellars. This custom hardly exists today, but some breweries are reminiscent of the good old days with a home-brewed beer.

The Trunk brewery is one of these tradition-conscious breweries. Although your Hausbrauer Hell can no longer be picked up fresh in barrels, it still tastes wonderful out of the bottle.

The beer flows into the glass in a shiny gold tone and is adorned with a quite stable crown of medium-pored foam. A mild scent of ripe corn fills the air and awakens a thirst for beer. The first taste is finely sparkling and delivers a soft sweetness that tastes of spicy forest honey and unripe hazelnuts. A delicately hopped finish crowns the beer enjoyment.

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Light , Franconian beers
Glass recommendation
Clay jug 0.5L
Alcohol content
4.5% vol
Vierzehnheiligen beer

Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen, Hefe

€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei Trunk, Vierzehnheiligen 3, 96231 Bad Staffelstein, Deutschland (DE)
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