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Brewery package with glass - Brauerei Hummel

Brauerei Hummel

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€ 9,90
€ 13,60

1 St. package
€ 9,90 / St.

Since the Hummel brewery is located in the sleepy town of Merkendorf between Bamberg and Scheßlitz, hardly anyone outside of a haze of less than 100 kilometers knows it. However, this urgently needs to change, because the beers from the Franconian brewers are a real insider tip: down-to-earth, handcrafted, tasty, tasty and perfect with hearty meals.

The ideal opportunity to get to know the Hummel brewery is the brewery package with a glass mug. We deliver you a hand-picked selection of the finest beers from Hummel and bring the right glass mug with us. It should not be missing when enjoying these delicious beers! In Franconia, beer is taken really seriously: if the thirst for beer is not too present, we drink our beer with dedication and time. For a perfect beer experience, the well-tempered liquid is poured into a hearty mug. The eye drinks with it and the nose also benefits from it. In addition, the mug is wonderful for looking deep into your eyes and toasting to all the good things in life.

And the beers with the mug are also impressive: there is something for every taste and we have also thought of celebratory moments. A Franconian classic is the cellar beer , while the wheat beer and the dark festival beer are a little stronger and more intense. The Pils is a light and sweet plus and a real beer specialty is the Räucherator .

1 Stück package includes:

1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Cowboy Schwarz Bier Brauerei Hummel
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Räucherla Märzen Brauerei Hummel
1 × 1 Stück — glass pitcher Brauerei Hummel
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Wheat buck Brauerei Hummel
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Kellerbier Brauerei Hummel
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Pilsner Brauerei Hummel
Beer region
Beer style
Franconian beers , lager , smoked beers, bock beers, Pils
Glass recommendation
Clay jug
Tasting glass 0.33l
Teku tasting glass
Alcohol content
4.5% to 7% vol. , 7.1% vol
Original wort
10 - 15 ° Plato , 16 ° Plato
Hummel Brewery
€ 0,40
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei Hummel GmbH & Co. KG, Lindenstraße 9, 96117 Memmelsdorf / Merkendorf, Deutschland (DE)
Free beer consultation
headset_mic 0800-243768435 (free of charge) 0800-243768435 (free of charge)
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