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Light warehouse - Gänstaller Bräu

Gänstaller Bräu

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0,44 l Can
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Refreshingly perfect light - that’s what the brewers at the Gänstaller brewery call their latest creation. The Helle Lager was penned by Andreas and his daughter Daniela, who recently modernized the brewery. New design, beers in cans and very fresh, young ideas for the Franconian cult institution.

In the series of new beers, the Helle Lager is number 04: It represents another classic beer style, which Andreas and Daniela have breathed new life and modernity with sophistication and craftsmanship. The Helle Lager is a balanced beer specialty from Franconia, which enchants with a full-bodied taste profile and refreshing lightness.

The golden beer is adorned with a crown of snow-white foam and exudes an irresistible scent of sun-dried grain, fresh brioche and spicy hay when it is poured. In terms of taste, the lager presents itself very similar: Oven-fresh bread with butter meets floral hops, herbs, cut grass and light malt on the palate. A delicate fruitiness gives the beer a playful elegance and makes the Helle Lager a refreshing thirst quencher. The subtle bitterness creates contrast and increases in the finish to a clear, crisp note.

Gänstaller’s Helles Lager is an incomparably harmonious classic with a modern twist.


0,44 Liter Can
Beer region
Alcohol content
5.0% vol
Bitter unity
17 IBU
Original wort
12 ° Plato
Gänstaller brewery

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Gänstaller Bräu, Schnaidweg 10, 91352 Hallerndorf, Deutschland (DE)

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