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Reduced 03.07.2023
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Helles Alkoholfrei - Autenrieder


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0,50 l bottle
€ 2,50 / l
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The Helle Non-Alcoholic from the Autenrieder brewery is a welcome change for everyone who would like to forego turning every now and then. It’s the perfect refreshment for anyone who wants to quench their thirst for beer after exercise and do something good for themselves at the same time. The fine Helle is a vitamin-rich alternative to alcoholic beer and contains fewer calories than comparable products. However, the most important thing is that it does not compromise on taste and is just as tasty as the normal light beer from Autenrieder .

The brew flows out of the bottle in crystal-clear golden yellow and is adorned with a blossom-white head of foam. It has a malty character that the brewers combined with a smooth mouthfeel and a lean body. Thanks to the sophisticated brewing technique, the alcohol-free version is almost indistinguishable from the conventional beer.

Beers without alcohol have the advantage that you can participate in social gatherings even when you are not drinking. You can enjoy a beer or two without regret or the threat of a headache and at the end of the evening get behind the wheel with a clear conscience. For the next barbecue evening, a meeting with your best friends or a drink after training, we recommend the alcohol-free Helle from Autenrieder!

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Non-alcoholic beers , lager
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Original mug 0.33l
Alcohol content
less than 0.5% vol.
0,50 KG (0,88 KG with packaging )
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Schlossbrauerei Autenried GmbH, Bräuhausstr. 2 , 89335 Ichenhausen-Autenried, Deutschland (DE)
Reduced 03.07.2023
Helles Alkoholfrei - product image
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