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It’s Gotta Be Something - Sibeeria Brewery - Browar Pinta

Sibeeria Brewery

Browar Pinta

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The brewers of Sibeeria have teamed up with their Polish counterparts of Browar Pinta for this fierce West Coast IPA. We don’t use the word "heavy" lightly, but the hopped collaboration packs at least 100 bitterness units, and probably a little more, according to its makers. A conventional pilsner, which is considered quite bitter in the context of other types of beer, has an average of around 25 to 45 bitterness units. Responsible for the beer’s crisp bitterness is a fine selection of American and New Zealand hop varieties, processed in generous quantities.

The brew is called It’s Gotta Be Something and it definitely is something. Something that scores with clean, dry bitterness and hops in abundance. The aim of the collaboration was to catapult the traditional Czech art of brewing into the present using modern hopping methods. The result is a beer with a stable base and enough body to carry the heavy bitterness. In addition to the bitterness, the hops also provide a fruity bouquet of sun-kissed oranges, tangy lime, juicy honeydew melon and exotic lychee. The fruit defies the bitterness and balances it with fine sweetness and playful aromas.

If you fancy a real hop smack, you’ll have a lot of fun with pintas and sibeerias It’s Gotta Be Something!

0,50 Liter Can
Beer region
Czech Republic
Beer style
India Pale Ale
Food recommendation
Appetizers: Spicy hard cheese with fig mustard
Main course : Mac n Cheese
Dessert : crepes with fruits
Glass recommendation
Craft Master tasting glass
Alcohol content
6.5% vol
Original wort
15 ° Plato
 Sibeeria Brewery
 Browar Pinta
Fruit, citrus

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

0,50 KG (0,51 KG with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Sibeeria Brewery, Kolbenova 438/7, Vysočany,, 190 00 Praha, Tschechien (CZ)
Browar PINTA Sp. z o.o. , ul. Przemysłowa 4, 34-382 Wieprz, Polen (PL)
Untappd: 3,94
It’s Gotta Be Something - product image
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