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Gift card Beer makes thirst better - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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Thirst is not a nice feeling at all. The mouth becomes dry, the tongue sticks to the roof of the mouth and you can't think of anything other than refreshing water. There are extreme situations in which thirst is even less fun. For example, on a camel ride through the desert, on an extensive hike through Death Valley or after an extensive sauna visit.

However, there is also a thirst that is less life-threatening and generally more palatable. We are talking about thirst for beer, the delicious longing for a cold beer that creeps over you after stressful workdays, on cozy summer Sundays, after work and when mowing the lawn. Beer thirst is not about the hydrogenation itself, but rather about the desire for a fine beer. We know this feeling all too well and have therefore dedicated a menu to the beer thirst.

On the gift card is the sentence “Thirst only becomes beautiful with beer”. Anyone who has felt the difference between thirst and thirst for beer can confirm these words. Thirst is the agonizing need for liquid, while beer thirst is the growing desire for a wonderful beer - rather anticipation than necessity. Our card is a small greeting to everyone who loves beer as much as we do.

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