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Cans of beer package - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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€ 19,90
1 St. package
€ 19,90 / St.

The can was frowned upon for a long time: Only industrially manufactured bulk beer from the supermarket was bottled in cans and one could not expect any great pleasure in the no-frills tin. Good beer was sold in bottles, bland rinse water in cans.

That has changed fundamentally!

More and more breweries are discovering the can for themselves and are appreciating the advantages that such packaging has over conventional bottles. Cans are much lighter, do not break and also protect the beer from harmful light radiation. The internal pressure keeps the beer fresh and preserves the carbonic acid. And cans also offer a lot of possibilities in terms of design. All these considerations have led to the fact that the beer shelves of the world are no longer just filled with bottles, but also with delicately designed cans. This goes so far that we have packed some of our nicest cans into a chic gift package. The can gift package contains six cans of the finest beer in a stylish tin. Anyone who arrived at the barbecue evening in the 90s with a six-pack can was at best laughed at, today you can make a real impression with our cans.

It includes beers from the legendary Stone Brewing brewery from the USA, classics from the German craft beer legend Andreas Gänstaller and a happy pilsner from the capital’s brewery BRLO. Well get it!

1 Stück package includes:

1 × 0,36 Liter Can — Ruination Double IPA 2.0 Stone Brewing USA
1 × 0,33 Liter Can — Berlin Jam BRLO
1 × 0,36 Liter Can — Buenaveza Stone Brewing USA
1 × 0,33 Liter Can — Planet Pale BrewDog
1 × 0,33 Liter Can — Happy Pils BRLO
1 × 0,33 Liter Can — Newcastle Brown Ale John Smith‘s
Beer region
Germany , USA & Canada , UK
Beer style
India Pale Ale , Fruit & Sour Beers , Lager , Pale Ale , Pils , Ale
Glass recommendation
Craft Master tasting glass
Tasting glass Teku
Tasting glass 0.33l
ale glass
Alcohol content
8.5% Vol , 0.5% to 4.5% Vol , 4.5% to 7% Vol
Bitter unity
107 IBU , 35 IBU
Original wort
19 ° Plato , 10 - 15 ° Plato
The Bierothek®
Stone Brewing USA
John Smith's
€ 1,50
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Bierothek® GmbH, An der Spinnerei 3, 96047 Bamberg, Deutschland (DE)
Stone Brewing, 1999 Citracado Parkway, CA 92029 Escondido, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)
BRLO GmbH, Schöneberger Str. 16, 10963 Berlin, Deutschland (DE)
BREWDOG PLC, Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, AB41 8BX Aberdeenshire, Vereinigtes Königreich (GB (UK))
Tadcaster Brewery, The Brewery, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire LS24 9SA UK, Vereinigtes Königreich (GB (UK))
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