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Exklusivmarken Geschenkpaket - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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€ 16,90
1 St. package
€ 16,90 / St.
€ 16,05
from 12 piece
you save € 0,84
€ 16,05 / St.

As a beer retailer, the Bierothek® bears a great deal of responsibility. We want to be ambassadors for good beer and see it as our duty to present you with the newest, best and tastiest beers of the present (and if possible also of the future). In order to be as close as possible to the pulse of the times and not to overlook any talented brewery, we go through the world with open eyes and are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. Beer is our life, so we are happy to put all our energy into our range. We represent an incomparable number of breweries from Germany and around the world and maintain a good relationship with all the brewers who share our passion for beer.

The exclusive brands are particularly important to us. These breweries come from all parts of the world and have agreed exclusive trade with us: As general importers, we bring their products to Germany for you. All of the breweries in this division are award-winning craft beers that brew pioneering beers and represent their countries with pride and outstanding brews.

You can get to know three of these breweries with our exclusive brand gift package. Included in the set are beers from Greece, Spain and the Netherlands, which beautifully represent the repertoire and skills of our partner breweries.

1 Stück package includes:

1 × 1 Stück — Original Becher 0,33l St. ERHARD®
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — Pierwsza Pomoc Browar Pinta
1 × 0,50 Liter bottle — A ja Pale Ale Browar Pinta
1 × 0,33 Liter bottle — Mylos 1888 Septem
1 × 0,33 Liter bottle — Espiga Hop Collection Mosaic Espiga
1 × 0,33 Liter bottle — Blonde Ale Glutenfrei Espiga
Beer region
Germany , Poland , Greece , Spain
Beer style
Pilsner , Pale Ale , Lager , Gluten Free Beers , Ale
Glass recommendation
Original mug 0.33l
Craft Master tasting glass
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
ale glass
Food recommendation
Starter : light ales: fresh salad / dark ales: lentil soup
Main course : light ales: fried fish / dark ales: game dishes
Dessert : light ales: fruit muffins / dark ales: chocolate cake
Alcohol content
4.2% vol , 4.5% to 7% vol.
Bitter unity
, 35 IBU
Original wort
15 ° Plato , 10 - 15 ° Plato
The Bierothek®
Browar Pinta
1,97 KG (3,27 KG with packaging )
€ 0,40
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Bierothek GmbH, An der Spinnerei 3, 96047 Bamberg, Deutschland (DE)
St. ERHARD GmbH, An der Spinnerei 3, 96047 Bamberg, Deutschland (DE)
Browar PINTA Sp. z o.o. , ul. Przemysłowa 4, 34-382 Wieprz, Polen (PL)
Septem Microbrewery, Orologio of Avlonari, 34009 Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri, Griechenland (GR)
Companyia Artesana Maians S.L., c/Malet 12, nau nº3, 08791 Sant Llorenç d’Hortons Alt Penedès – Barcelona, Spanien (ES)
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Exklusivmarken Geschenkpaket - product image
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