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Die Bierothek® Frankfurt

Impressions from Frankfurt

Welcome to the Bierothek® Frankfurt!


Die erste  Bierothek® außerhalb der bayerischen Landesgrenzen - was bietet sich das besser an als eine Bierothek® in Frankfurt am Main? Im Erdgeschoss des Skyline Plaza Frankfurt befindet sich seit 2016 die erste Anlaufstelle für Bierfreunde der Bankenmetropole. Ausgefallene Braustile, sowie internationale Craft-Biere sind im mehr als 300 Biere umfassenden Sortiment reichlich zu finden. Egal ob StoutWitbier oder IPA - unser Sortiment wird regelmäßig aktualisiert, damit euch kein Craft-Bier-Trend entgeht. Bei uns kannst Du Dein Craft Beer in Frankfurt kaufen. Probieren geht natürlich auch - in regelmäßigen Zeitabständen veranstaltet die Bierothek® Bierverkostungen sowie Bierseminare. Hier erfahrt ihr alles Wissenswerte über die jeweiligen Biere sowie unsere persönlichen Essensempfehlungen. Bei weiteren Fragen steht euch die Bierothek®Frankfurt jederzeit zur Verfügung. Schaut einfach vorbei!

Das Team freut sich auf Euren Besuch in der Bierothek® Frankfurt!

Bierothek® Bierseminar - Bierverkostung in DEM Craftbeershop in Frankfurt

Du suchst nach einem Biertasting, Bierseminar, Degustation, Bierverkostung, Bierprobe bzw. Craftbeertasting oder willst ein Bierdiplom bald dein Eigen nennen? Dann ist das Bierothek® Bierseminar in unserem Craftbeershop im Skyline Plaza Frankfurt für dich genau richtig. Die Bierothek® Frankfurt ist DER Bierladen in Frankfurt, wo du unter der Leitung eines Biersommeliers viel über das Thema Bier lernst und zudem noch eine Bierverkostung von 7 Spezialbieren genießen kannst. Am Ende Deines Bierothek® Bierseminars in DEM Biergeschäft in Frankfurt erhältst du ein gratis Biersommelier Verkostungsglas eine Bierothek® Bierdiplom Urkunde, verschiedene Verkostungsbierdeckel und weitere bierige Seminarunterlagen vollkommen GRATIS

Ihr wollt einen Junggesellenabschied (JGA) oder Junggesellinnenabschied planen, wisst aber noch nicht was ihr unternehmen sollt? Dann solltet ihr auf jeden Fall bei eurem Junggesellenabschied (JGA) oder Junggesellinnenabschied Halt in der Bierothek® Frankfurt machen. Wir bieten euch ein individuell geplantes Bierothek® Bierseminar nach eurem Gusto im besten Bierladen in Frankfurt. Das Bierothek® Bierseminar in der Bierothek® Frankfurt ist jedoch nicht darauf abgezielt, sich besinnungslos zu betrinken, sondern die besten Bierspezialitäten der Welt kennenzulernen, viel über das Thema Bier und den Brauprozess zu lernen und 7 Spezialbiere währenddessen zu verkosten. Euer Junggesellenabschied (JGA) bzw. Junggesellinnenabschied in DEM Craftbeerstore Frankfurts  - ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.

Hast Du Fragen zum Bierothek® Bierseminar in unserem Craftbierstore in Frankfurt im Skyline Plaza oder über unser Sortiment mit internationalen Craftbieren, ausgefallenen Bierspezialitäten und besonderen Bieren, dann kannst du uns gerne kontaktieren - Wir helfen Dir gerne!

Das Hausbier der Bierothek® Frankfurt

"Skyline" nennt sich das Hausbier der Bierothek® Frankfurt, das von der Filiale selbst entwickelt wurde. Was könnte passender sein, als während des Sonnenuntergangs über Frankfurts Dächern zu blicken und dieses Red Ale zu trinken? Hier könnt ihr euch das Metropolen-Feeling nach Hause liefern lassen.  

Bierothek® Bierpaket Frankfurt

Neben unseren Bierothek® Bierpaketen, die wir ausschließlich in unserem Onlineshop anbieten (Du kannst natürlich auch dein Bierpaket online bestellen und zu deiner Bierothek®-Filiale in deiner Nähe liefern lassen), gibt es in jedem unserer Stores auch ein hauseigenes Bierpaket (Bspw. Für die Bierothek® Frankfurt das Bierothek® Bierpaket Frankfurt), in welchen die beliebtesten Biere der jeweiligen Bierothek®-Filiale sind.

Lasst das Flair der Bierothek® Frankfurt auf euch wirken und genießt 12 Bierspezialitäten mit dem Bierothek® Bierpaket Frankfurt! Jetzt zugreifen und genießen!


Hoppy welcome at Bierothek® Frankfurt!

The first Bierothek® store outside the Bavaria’s border – what’s more suitable than a Bierothek® in Frankfurt? Since 2016 a shelter for the beer-aficionados of banking metropolis is situated on the main floor of Skyline Plaza Frankfurt. Plenty of fancy brewing styles as well as international craft beers can be found in our fine selection, that includes more than 300 different beers. From Stouts to Witbeers or IPAs – we regularly update our assortment to prevent our customers from missing the latest craft beer trend. Frankfurter, get your craft beer at Bierothek® Frankfurt. Want to try first? No problem, we offer beer seminars and beer tastings. Here you can learn everything there is to know about our beers and about how you pair them with your favourite dishes. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our Bierothek® Frankfurt staff. They’re always at your service and happy to help.

Bierothek® Frankfurt welcomes you!

Bierothek® beer seminar – beer tasting at your No. 1 craft beer store in Frankfurt

Searching for a beer tasting, beer seminar or degustation? Or do you crave owning your very own beer diploma? Then the Bierothek® beer seminar at our craft beer store is the place to be! Bierothek® Frankfurt is Frankfurt’s prime beer store and the hot spot where expert beer sommeliers can teach you everything you’d always wanted to know about your favourite beverage. An exclusive tasting of 7 of our strong and most delicious beers tops the experience. In the end, your Bierothek® beer seminar will leave you with no less than your very own beer sommelier tasting glas, a certificate with your Bierothek® beer diploma, a variety of different degustation coasters and a bunch of hoppy beer information for FREE.

Planning a bachelor party or a hen night and still got no clue what to do? We can help! Drop by Bierothek® Frankfurt and we’ll organise a special beer seminar in Frankfurt’s best craft beer store that is exactly tailored for your expectations. So if you’re in for getting to know the best beer specialties in the world, learning everything about beer and the brewing process and you’re thirsty for 7 of our special beers, you’ll be in the exact right spot at Bierothek® Frankfurt.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you’ve got any questions regarding the Bierothek® beer seminars or our assortment of international craft beers, fancy beer specialities and special beers – We’d love to help!

Our house beer at Bierothek® Frankfurt

Skyline® is the name of Bierothek® Frankfurt’s very own house beer, which we created especially for our customers from Frankfurt. Just imagine: opening a bottle of our neat Red Ale while enjoying a breathtaking sunset over Frankfurt’s stunning skyline. Sounds nice? Order your share of metropolis feeling here.

Bierothek® Bierpaket/beer package München

In addition to our online-exclusive Bierothek® beer packages (smart shoppers can save expenses and order our beer package to their Bierothek® nearby) every Bierothek® store has its own, special beer package. Ours is called Bierothek® Bierpaket Frankfurt and contains all the favourites from our Frankfurt shop. Just the best, most popular, mouth watering beers stacked together in one package – a crowd pleaser indeed.

Enjoy the hoppy atmosphere at Bierothek® Frankfurt and savour 12 different specialty beers with our Bierothek® Bierpaket Frankfurt! Grab your sample and indulge yourself!

Six questions for store manager Sascha Albert (ENGLISH VERSION BELOW)

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer is your favorite beer?
Sascha Albert: "That's not that easy to answer. As a beer sommelier, I judge the beers according to their composition, ie how harmonious the interplay of the beer taste is from the initial to the final. Basically, I am more of a hoppy type of beer, but I love it Belgian Trappist beers too. My favorites are Sierra Nevada Hoptimum and Westvleteren 12. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is the most extraordinary beer in the Bierothek® Frankfurt?
Sascha Albert: "When choosing a range, I pay less attention to the most unusual beers possible. For me, the quality, the story of the brewery and the motivation of the brewer are crucial so that I can recommend the beer creation to my customers. At the moment my most extraordinary beer is" Sink the Bismarck "by Brew Dog."

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer do you recommend to craft beer newbies?
Sascha Albert: "Before making my beer recommendation, I first check which taste repertoire the customer has saved. Depending on the type of pils, export or wheat beer, I put together a small beer tasting that builds up. It makes sense to slowly taste the world of cold-hopped craft beers and to assess the sensory differences. The way to an IPA should not be taken directly, but via a Kellerpils, Session Pale Ale, Red Ale. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What was your first beer?
Sascha Albert: "Oh dear, that was a long time ago. That was a beer from my region. An export from Schlappeseppel."

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you come across the topic of "beer"?
Sascha Albert: "The topic of beer has always been present since my student days. International trips also helped me to get to know new beer styles. But the beer fever really grabbed me as a marketing consultant for breweries. That also inspired me to train as a beer sommelier."

Bierothek® Magazin: What does it mean to you to be a store manager in the Bierothek®?
Sascha Albert: "The term store manager is a little too static for me. Our tasks as beer enthusiasts are much more complex. We open up new taste horizons for our customers! The decisive factor is to inspire more and more customers for the topic of craft beer and to oppose beer. To work mainstream. Sure, sales are in the foreground, but the sensitivity to the topic of beer as a cultural asset always resonates with me. From this point of view, we don't sell beer, but give our customers a lot of pleasure with unusual beer enjoyments. Well then, cheers! "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is your favorite beer? Sascha: “That's a question that lacks a simple answer. Being a beer sommelier I evaluate beers in accordance to their composition. The harmonic interaction of a beer's aromas from the first to the very last sip is just one example of things that I concentrate on. Essentially, my beer identity reveals myself as a hoppy kind of guy, but still I love Belgian trappist beer. Among my all-time favorites are Sierra Nevada's “Hoptimum” and “Westvleteren 12”. ”

Bierothek® Magazin: What is the most sublime beer at Bierothek® Frankfurt? Sascha: “When choosing the perfect beers for my assortment, I refrain from selecting the most fancy ones. To recommend a beer to my customers, the quality of the beer, the story behind the brewery and the motivation of the brewer are crucial to me. Currently, Brew Dog's "Sink the Bismarck" is the most extraordinary beer to be found on my shelves. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer would you recommend the rookies among fellow craft beer drinkers? Sascha: “Before I state my recommendation, I examine the individual flavor repertoire my client possesses. Depending on his or her usual type of beer I assemble a little beer tasting that increases in specialty and unusualness. This strategy is advisable to slightly gain an insight into the world of dry-hopped craft beer and to gradually learn about sensory differences. You shouldn't pursue an IPA on collision course, rather take your time and approach via Pils, Session Pale Ale and Red Ale. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What was the first beer you took a sip from? Sascha: ““ Oh dear, that's a long time ago. The beer I tasted was from my region. An export by Schlappeseppel. ””

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you develop an interest for beer? Sascha: ““ The topic beer has been on the spot since my time as a student. My journeys abroad supported my quest to discover new beer styles. My beer fever really started to break out when I began to work as a marketing consultant for breweries. This also inspired me to become a beer sommelier. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What does being a store manager at Bierothek® mean to you? Sascha: “For my liking, the term store manager is a bit too static. Our tasks as beer enthusiasts are far more complex than that. We open up new flavor horizons for our customers! It is a significant element of our daily business to raise excitement for craft beer among our clients and to fight beer mainstream. I won't deny the importance of actually selling beer but we never forget to increase sensibility and awareness for beer as cultural artifact. In that respect we don't just sell beer but provide our customers with the pleasures of beer that is everything but commonplace. Cheers! "

Die Bierothek® Frankfurt
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