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Die Bierothek® Hagen

Six questions for store manager Max Zellmer

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer is your favorite beer?
Max: "Anyone who deals with the topic more intensively for a while knows that there is no such thing as“ one ”favorite beer. That depends on the situation, the society, the weather and so on ... but overall, I'm always in favor to have a decent IPA! "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is the most extraordinary beer in the Bierothek® Dortmund?
Max: "Here, too, there is of course a great deal of variance. In fact, barrel-aged beers are always a highlight because of their difficult availability, for example the Islay whiskey-barreled Imperial Stout from Emelisse from the Netherlands."

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer do you recommend to craft beer newbies?
Max: "I usually start with something that is close to what most people easily recognize as beer. The" Ernst "from the bottled beer friends from Dortmund fits perfectly, or a mild pale ale like the" Discovery "by Kuehn Kunz Roses. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What was your first beer?
Max: "That must have been while on vacation in the Sauerland. The very popular shooting festival there was always sponsored by the local Westheimer brewery.

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you come across the topic of "beer"?
Max: "In the beverage market I have always chosen the beer that I didn't know yet. But the 2011 vacation in Canada really opened my eyes. When I entered the beer store there, I was quite flabbergasted. I'm home again researched and tried out the pioneers such as Crew Ale and Hopfenstopfer. And how it went on, everyone can then guess. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What does it mean to you to be a store manager in the Bierothek®?
Max: "The Bierothek® opens up completely new opportunities to show people the enthusiasm for good and extraordinary beer. The longer I do this job, the more important it becomes to me, more beer drinkers (and those who don't even know that they are) to show that everyone can find a beer that they like! "

Die Bierothek® Hagen
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 3
Volme Galerie
58095 Hagen

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