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Die Bierothek® Würzburg

Impressions from Würzburg

Welcome to the Bierothek® Würzburg!

Craft beer in a wine region - that sounds a bit absurd at first, but the demand for craft beer is also increasing enormously in the Würzburg wine region. The Bierothek® Würzburg can be found in the beautiful Lower Franconian city of Würzburg since May 2018. The Bierothek® Würzburg is the first point of contact for international craft beers , extravagant beer specialties or beery products in the Lower Franconian city. With a selection of over 300 beers , every beer lover will find their favorite beer in the Bierothek® Würzburg. Our motivated employees will be happy to help you with your search and answer all your questions about beer. We also regularly offer beer seminars and themed tastings in the Bierothek® Würzburg under the direction of a beer sommelier.

Bierothek® beer seminar - beer tasting in THE craft beer shop in Würzburg

Are you looking for a beer tasting, beer seminar, tasting, beer tasting, beer tasting or craft beer tasting or do you want to have a beer diploma soon? Then the Bierothek® beer seminar in our craft beer shop is just right for you. The Bierothek® Würzburg is THE beer shop in Würzburg, where you learn under the guidance of beer sommeliers much on the subject of beer and can also still enjoy a beer tasting of seven special beers. At the end of your Bierothek® beer seminar in THE beer shop in Würzburg you will receive a free beer sommelier tasting glass, a Bierothek® beer diploma certificate, various tasting beer mats and other beer-based seminar documents completely FREE .

You want to plan a bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party , but you don't yet know what to do? Then you should definitely stop at the Bierothek® Würzburg for your bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party. We offer you an individually planned Bierothek® beer seminar according to your taste in the best beer shop in Würzburg . The Bierothek® beer seminar in the Bierothek® Würzburg is not aimed at getting drunk without thinking, but to get to know the best beer specialties in the world, to learn a lot about the topic of beer and the brewing process and to taste 7 special beers in the process. Your bachelorette party (JGA) or hen party in THE craft beer store in Würzburg - an unforgettable experience .

If you have any questions about the Bierothek® beer seminar in our craft beer store in Würzburg or about our range of international craft beers, unusual beer specialties and special beers, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to help!

Six questions for store manager Sebastian Grün

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer is your favorite beer?
Sebastian: "If I have to commit myself to one beer, I would say the Grünhopfenpils from Schönramer. However, the variety is so great that I find it really difficult."

Bierothek® Magazin: Which is the most extraordinary beer in the Bierothek® Würzburg?
Sebastian: "There are a lot of unusual beers, here too I find it difficult to decide. Whether it's the Gurkengose from the Hertl Brewery or the Chilsner with Chillinote, there are so many variations of Pils, Hellem, Bockbier, IPA, Stout .... there is something for every taste. "

Bierothek® Magazin: Which beer do you recommend to craft beer newbies?
Sebastian: "To get started, it should be more in the classic direction. I could recommend the oops from Camba, but other directions are also good for starting. It is important not to drink too crazy a beer at the beginning otherwise you will scare yourself from."

Bierothek® Magazin: What was your first beer?
Sebastian: "I have to guess because it was a few days ago, but there is a high probability that a Rothaus pine tree apple."

Bierothek® Magazin: How and when did you come across the topic of "beer"?
Sebastian: "I think in Germany it is difficult not to come into contact with the topic of beer in any way, because it is almost part of good manners to be a beer drinker. My first contact with craft beers was when I visited the Doemens Brewery Academy. Back then I was rather put off by the taste of beer that tastes like chocolate, gooseberries or wild herbs. Thanks to a friend, I was able to enjoy good, gentle IPAs and became a friend of craft beer. "

Bierothek® Magazin: What does it mean to you to be a store manager in the Bierothek®?
Sebastian: "I think a lot of people envy me to be the store manager of a Bierothek® branch. For me personally it doesn't just mean being a cog in the big beer world, but also working with products that I can recommend with a clear conscience."

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