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2085 Brewery

The future is an unpredictable and exciting construct: People have always dreamed of future achievements, technological advances, flying cars, space travel, virtual realities and futuristic societies, but none of us knows for sure what will happen in our tenth, twenty or fifty years years is expected. Everything is possible!

The future is now

A small team of Ukrainian brewers is taking the leap into the future today, and is already brewing beers that could be reminiscent of a distant time. Your company is located in the fictitious time 2085 and is also called like that: The 2085 Brewery lives and brews a futuristic version of the present and creates classics of tomorrow with passion, craftsmanship and innovative ideas. As the first brewery in Ukraine, Nazar Drebot and Valery Sozanovsky set up an American brewing system. This project took a whopping seven years, but the effort was rewarded with international attention and prestigious awards. Nazar and Valery are pioneers in the Ukrainian beer scene and are stirring up the market with their avant-garde creations.

Perfection down to the smallest detail

The basis of all beers are the raw materials. Many breweries rely on regional ingredients and attach great importance to the fact that as much as possible comes from the surrounding area. The brewers of 2085 have very specific ideas about the taste, consistency and effect of their components and therefore source them from very specific places. At the heart of every single beer are the handcrafted malts from the Dutch Malthouse Swaen. The traditional company has perfected the art of malting in more than a hundred years of activity and prides itself on its repertoire of flavorful malts. The hop varieties selected for each individual beer are harmoniously matched to this delicacy. The green gold is sourced from a wide variety of locations around the world and combined with fine yeast strains from the United States and Denmark. The only raw material from Ukraine is the brewing water. However, in order to brew the most authentic beer possible, the cool water is adapted to the local quality of the respective beer. A reproduction of the country-specific water composition gives the beers that certain extra and shows the dedication and high standards that the brewers have of their work. Their masterpieces of hops and malt are canned. In order not to distract from the actual product, the team came up with a minimalist design that fits perfectly into the futuristic concept and stands out on the beer shelf. The shiny silver cans with a simple, red logo and black writing form the perfect background for the grandiose beers. We love well thought-out concepts!

Logo: 2085 Brewery

2085 Brewery
Street Velyka Vasylkivska
house 5
LLC Uzvar

location_on Ukraine (UA)  
phone +380 (68) 434 83 41 +380 (68) 434 83 41

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