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Abro Bryggeri

Sweden is currently the country of longing for many: Its dense forests, criss-crossed by light birch trees and lushly draped blueberry bushes, invite you to go hiking and cycling, the extensive lakes with their cold, clear water are perfect for a boat tour or a dip in the water cool water, the minimalist red wooden houses radiate cosiness and the many delicacies of the country such as cinnamon rolls, fish, meatballs or homemade crispbread want to be tasted and the local beer is also fine. A traditional brewery from Sweden is Åbro Bryggeri, whose wonderful beer specialties we offer here.

A bumpy start

The founder of the brewery is Per Lutherner. In 1856, the lieutenant was between two assignments and wanted to settle down in idyllic Småland for a while. Together with a master brewer from Germany, he set up the Åbro brewery and started brewing. After just one year, however, the master brewer left the company and Anders Andersson first took over the post and later, when Luthander had the next military deployment, also the brewery. At that time the Swedish beer market was highly competitive: the towns and villages had a multitude of small microbreweries and the competition was fierce. At about the same time, inspired by Great Britain and America, the first considerations and demands for a nationwide alcohol ban arose. The consumption of the population had reached an alarming level and from many sides a considerable restriction or even a ban on the consumption of alcohol was demanded. After no unanimous opinion could be found on this subject, rationing was agreed upon. Difficult times for a brewery, but Åbro weathered the turbulence. Amid the heated debates, Axel Hermann Johansson took over the brewery. To this day, the descendants of Johansson run the company.

A crisis-proof company

Despite the rationing, Åbro gradually managed to gain a foothold in Sweden's beer scene. Employees were hired and the brewery expanded in proportion to the growing output. Although production was now going well, most of the employees had a second source of income: many of them were farmers, shoveled snow in winter or hired out in other ways. When the brewery reached one million bottles a month, many of the employees were able to resign from their part-time jobs and also received the finest coffee as a commission. The Dunge family has guided the brewery through all the crises and disasters of the past with a firm hand, a lot of heart and passion for good beer and has made Åbro a fixture in Sweden. We value the brewery above all for its delicious beers. The handcrafted specialties are characterized by taste, quality and a certain amount of hygge.

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