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Alb-Gold - That's André, Irmgard and Oliver Freidler. The dream team from Trochtelfingen is Germany's number one contact when it comes to delicious pasta of excellent quality. Spaetzle and pasta are her passion, you can taste it very clearly!

Noodles for beer lovers

Already in the third generation, the Freidlers are providing Swabian representatives on the pasta shelf. The Swabians started noodle production in 1977 and have since become one of the most important noodle manufacturers in Germany. And that really doesn't surprise anyone: The Freidlers know something about their craft. With a lot of passion and expertise, they produce top-class pasta and spaetzle. In doing so, they preserve tradition and craftsmanship, just as they develop new products with a lot of innovation. In order to meet the demands of customers, Alb-Gold is always one step ahead of the competition and also sets standards in terms of quality.
What does all this have to do with beer? At Alb-Gold you are so creative that you can even get pasta and beer under one roof. The latest craze in the beer world is beer mug noodles!
Pasta in the form of small beer mugs - if that's not a wonderful gift idea for someone who appreciates beer in all walks of life!

pure nature

Our environment is important to the Freidlers. Like hardly any other company, they campaign for the containment of genetic engineering. You are a founding member of the Association for Food Without Genetic Engineering and are setting a good example for many food producers in Germany. Neither the vegetable nor the animal ingredients in the pasta are of genetically modified origin. In addition, the proportion of organic products is rising steadily and regionality is a matter of honor at Alb-Gold. Most of the products are made with local grains. When purchasing their raw materials, the Freidlers ensure the greatest possible transparency. The focus here is on sustainability and fairness. Sustainability also plays a role in in-house production: the careful use of the earth's natural resources has priority. Our environment and the fragile ecosystem must be protected under all circumstances. Alb-Gold's use of renewable energies is a step in the right direction. And their support for farmers who work with biodiversity in mind also contributes to sustainability.

The reward for all efforts is a product of outstanding quality and excellent taste.

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ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH
Grindel 1
72818 Trochtelfingen

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