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Craft beer is a term that most beer drinkers can now relate to. Everyone has heard of it and most have at least tried an IPA or stout. In the United States, the craft beer scene has been swinging the scepter for decades, and the development only spilled over to us much later. Nonetheless, Germany today has a good number of young, creative craft breweries and Germans' taste in beer now encompasses more than just Pils and Keller. For a pioneer of craft beer, however, this is still going too slowly: Fritz Wülfing is the head of his own label Ale-Mania and was one of the first in Germany to drink and make craft beer.

All beginnings are difficult

Fritz's beer career began more than 40 years ago when he did an internship at a long-established brewery. From then on he was hooked on the subject of beer and traveled to Great Britain and the USA to see the brews from around the world. Fritz worked full-time for a large telecommunications company, but he devoted his free time to the beer. After his first attempts at brewing in his own four walls turned out to be more bad than good, he got professional help: In the early 2000s, a young brewery from San Diego not only sold beer, but also brewing kits for homebrewers and stood by Fritz with advice and advice deed to the side. With this support, the beer lover was able to make the first really good brew and he learned that brewing craft beer requires carefully selected raw materials and a skilled hand. Fritz proved the latter with all the brews that followed his first work. He began brewing and selling his beer in the hallowed halls of established breweries.

Beer for Bonn

The brewery has been called Ale-Mania since 2014, and its own brewing system followed shortly thereafter. Fritz no longer wanted to accept the hospitality of other breweries and invested in his own brewery. In order to help other young brewers get on their feet, he repeatedly invites cuckoo breweries to brew on his system. Bonn and the surrounding region are the focus of his own work: Fritz likes to brew beer for his compatriots and therefore has regional specialties such as Wiess in his range in addition to classics from the craft beer industry. Fritz himself prefers to drink the beers of our English neighbors. On his travels he got to know and love the beer of the British, but it can also be a hopped India Pale Ale or a sparkling fruit beer.

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