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Asia Pacific Breweries

As part of the Heineken brewing group, Singapore-based Asia Pacific Breweries is under the umbrella of an experienced and professional player in the global beer industry. But the Asian company also has a long history of its own, and the brewery's flagship product, their popular Tiger Beer, has been around since October 1, 1932. As the planet's first tropical lager, the creation quickly made the rounds and ensured that the APB Singapore has already gained international fame in the last century.

Favorite of the Royal Air Force

The origin of the brewery was a happy coincidence: when employees from Heineken and Fraser & Neave were sitting together over a beer, the idea for an on-site brewery came up. After a few more agreements, the Malayan Breweries emerged in this way. A year later, their Tiger Beer came onto the market and not only delighted the civilian population. The men of Malaya's Royal Air Force Squadron 230 fell head over heels in love with the tasty beer and made its logo theirs without further ado. The tiger under the travelers' tree was found in their insignia from now on. It didn't take long for the international beer drinking community to take notice of the beer. In 1939, the brew won the silver medal in the Commonwealth Beer Competition. Countless other awards followed. After the brewery bought other companies and expanded their range, they were the first to develop a recycling concept in 1980. To save the bottles from the pit, they came up with a recirculation system that would allow used bottles to be cleaned and reused. Just one year later, Tiger Beer was no longer only sold in Asia, but also in Germany and Great Britain. The worldwide triumph had begun.

With generous support in the future

The brewery received its current name in 1990. At that time, bag and baggage moved into a brand new building and the official name was changed. APB Singapore has been part of the Heineken Group since 2012. Since then, the brewery team has been working every day to become a little bit better and more environmentally friendly. Solar panels have been installed on the roof, the water is reused and the plan is to reduce emissions to zero in the future. And the brewing process is also subject to constant improvements and adjustments to the possibilities of the present: As a subsidiary of Heineken, the brewery can benefit from the wealth of experience and resources. With research and strict quality controls, the use of the latest technology and the use of digital data, brewing is becoming more innovative every day.

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