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Auf Rome 1468

This Cologne brewery is a real piece of city history and tells of the enthusiasm and devotion of the people of Cologne when it comes to their beer.

Today I bake, tomorrow I brew!

The name of the brewery derives from a house called Auf Rome, around which numerous legends and stories revolve. Today the building no longer exists, but until 1872, when it was demolished, people lived, baked and brewed there. Auf Rome was built around 1180 and was part of the city wall of Cologne. A city gate and some buildings were part of the complex that would receive its name about a hundred years later. A certain Hilpericus Roemer bought the building and established a bakery in it. Since there were no house numbers at that time, many houses and shops had names so that they could be found and recommended to friends and relatives. If you went to Roemer's bakery to buy bread or pastries there, the Cologne vernacular was "Auf Rome". The winged term caught on and the people of Cologne christened the house Auf Rome. The second part of the name refers to the first year in which beer was brewed in the house Auf Rome: In 1468 the first brewery opened its doors there and will be the first in a long line of breweries at this location.

Beer instead of books

In the almost 700 years of house history, the Auf Rome brewery and distillery has changed hands countless times. Brewers, noblemen, citizens and families run the brewery until the house is sold to the city of Cologne in 1872 and demolished shortly thereafter. The story of Auf Rome ends until it is picked up again in 2019 by Caroline Hamacher-Linnenberg and her husband Ulrich Linnenberg. After a career in a completely different field, the two wanted to spend their retirement leisurely and with a whole lot of books, but life got in the way. Ulrich has always dreamed of brewing his own beer and is now using his retirement to make that dream come true. The name of the project was found quickly, now the two only had to get their beer on the chain. Cologne is the capital of Kölsch, but Ulrich and Caroline didn't feel like feeding the oversaturated market with another variant of the popular beer. Instead, they developed the Düxer Bock . The powerful strong beer is a welcome change from the light-footed Kölsch and complements the Cologne beer scene with full-bodied malt character, creamy honey and caramel notes, hints of dried fruit and roasted bitterness.

Logo: Auf Rome 1468

Auf Rome 1468 Brauerei & Brennerei Köln a. Rh.
Gertrudenhofweg 27
Ulrich Linnenberg
50858 Köln

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