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Munich is not an easy place in the beer industry. The most traditional breweries in the country and perhaps even the entire world are lined up side by side here and the beer culture is anchored in the city's long history. Enjoying beer is a lively part of everyday life and is often celebrated in large, elaborate festivals. Although the barley juice business is flourishing, it is not easy for new, young breweries to gain a foothold here. The long-established competition is too great and the taste of the customers is too conservative. Two people who still dare to come up with an unconventional idea are Tristan and Robert.

Munich with a difference

The two Munich natives were practically born with beer, but they didn't choose the traditional route. Instead of adding another brewery with a classic concept to their hometown, they decided to create and perfect non-alcoholic brews. Their stated goal is to make non-alcoholic products the focus of attention. Under the Bibamus label they sell innovative beers without any revolutions that are drinkable, slim and isotonic. The duo wants to take up the craftsmanship and Bavarian brewing tradition passed down from generation to generation and catapult them into the present. It is important to Tristan and Robert to honor their roots while still keeping up with the times. Using hand-picked raw materials from the region, tried-and-tested recipes and a gentle manufacturing process, they create beers that are in no way inferior to their alcoholic counterparts. The release of their first beer was preceded by an intensive phase of research and experimentation.

Let's drink something healthy, light, delicious!

Bibamus, by the way, is a Latin expression that means “let’s drink” — an exclamation that, although thousands of years old, couldn’t be more modern. Robert and Tristan want to take away the heaviness and seriousness of the non-alcoholic industry and give their beer a new image. Their motto is enjoyment instead of renunciation. You don't decide against alcohol, but rather consciously decide for your health, a clear head and a clear conscience. And thanks to Bibamus' creations, you have a veritable alternative to conventional beer: their range delivers full taste and a bit of Bavarian brewing art with an alcohol content of less than 0.5%. And because their homeland is close to their hearts, the two brewers naturally also produce in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Their modern concept combines Munich's rich beer tradition with young ideas and the demands of contemporary beer connoisseurs.

Logo: Bibamus

Bibamus UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Leopoldstr. 31
80802 München

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