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Black Sheep Brewery

The proverbial black sheep of a group is a person who stands out from the homogenous mass of their fellow human beings. This difference is usually seen as negative and unconforming and makes the black sheep feel like an outsider. In addition to the idiom, there are also actual black sheep, i.e. goat-like mammals with dark instead of the usual light-colored fur, and a British brewery that bears the name. We would like to introduce the latter to you at this point.

Someone who went out to do his own thing

To be precise, the history of the Black Sheep Brewery does not begin when it was founded in 1992, but 169 years earlier. This is when the Theakston family brewery was founded. Head of today's Black Sheep Brewery, Paul Theakston inherited his family's brewery in 1969 and ran the business for a number of years. When Theakston Brewery is to be sold to a large corporation, Paul vetoes it. He is overruled and decides to leave his family's business and sell his shares in the company. A wild few years follow as Paul comes to terms with the loss of the family brewery and makes plans for his own brewery. In 1991 the time had come: Together with his wife Sue, Paul bought an old malthouse in Masham. The brewing equipment that Paul pieced together from closed breweries is still used today. The first beer left the brewery in 1992 and the name of the company was also found quickly: Because Paul turned his back on his family business, he was considered the unofficial black sheep among his relatives. His wife saw happiness in misfortune and christened the brewery Black Sheep.

Independent and unstoppable

The motto of Paul and his team is that the beer can only be as good as the work, dedication and raw materials that go into it. True to this motto, the brewers use only hand-picked ingredients and the crystal-clear waters of their New Yorkshire home to create an eclectic bouquet of British classics and modern styles of the craft beer scene. They share their pleasure in brewing with curious visitors: everyone can get their own impression of how much the team with the horned black sheep in the logo loves brewing in the visitor center and on the guided tours through the brewery. Today, Paul runs the Black Sheep Brewery alongside his sons Jo and Rob, shaping new family traditions together with them. And you can taste their creations here with us!

Logo:  Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep Brewery
Wellgarth, Crosshills
Masham, North Yorkshire HG4 4EN

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phone +44 1765 689227 +44 1765 689227

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