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Frank Boon, founder of Brouwerij Boon, is a legend. With his excellent Lambic, he's not only making a name for himself in Belgium, but also delights the entire (craft) beer scene. Exceptional Belgian beers are his specialty and the reason why we are only too happy to have Boon in our range.

Frank's beer mission

Frank Boon not only brews excellent beer, he is also committed to protecting and spreading lambic beers. This Belgian beer style is a protected name and is subject to strict regulations. As a member of the board of the Belgian Brewers' Association and initiator of the annual beer festival “Belgian Beer Weekend”, Frank lives his enthusiasm for beer and is committed to establishing beer as a cultural asset worth protecting. The latter also meant that he counteracted the beer crisis of the 80s and wanted to brew good lambic and tasty Geuze again. At that time, the Belgian market was flooded with poor, poor quality beers, which led to the slow extinction of Belgian beer styles. Frank jumped in as a knight in golden armor and campaigned for a renaissance of traditional Belgian beer styles. Today it is impossible to imagine the beer world without the characteristic beers from Belgium.

Thanks to Frank!

Kriek - A beer with a special ingredient

The absolute favorite at Boon is the Kriek Boon , a beer that is fermented spontaneously and is made from a mixture of old and young lambic beers. After the brewing process, the beer matures in old oak barrels and thereby gains its incomparable taste. The cherries, which are traditionally added to beer, are a special highlight. Half a pound of cherries, imported from Galicia, go into the kettle per liter. The region between Ukraine and Poland is known for its delicious cherries. In addition to the cherries from abroad, Boon also grows its own cherries. This ensures that only the best, most flavorful cherries are used in the beer. And it's worth it! The Kriek Boon is a real taste bomb with the wonderfully fresh aroma of juicy sour cherries. But the Oude Geuze is also a Belgian classic that deserves fame and honor. Here, too, young and old beer is married to create the unique taste.

Logo: Boon

Brouwerij Boon nv
Fonteinstraat 65
B1502 Lembeek

location_on Belgien (BE)  
phone +32 (0)2 356 66 44 +32 (0)2 356 66 44

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