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Brauerei Meister

The small town of Pretzfeld is known for its extensive orchards and the juice that is pressed from the ripe fruit in autumn. Various types of apples, pears and cherries grow on the plantations. If you look closely, you can also discover one or the other currant bush between the fruit trees. The Trubach Valley is a real splendour, especially in spring: when the trees are in bloom, a carpet of white and pink petals covers the landscape and gives it a magical appearance. You can enjoy the delicious juice all year round, for example, in the popular Pretzfeld beer cellar. In addition to homemade snacks and roasts, there is an excellent selection of juices and, of course, freshly brewed beer. Three breweries are still based in the Pretzfeld region: Nikl-Bräu, Penning-Zeißler and the Meister brewery.

George, George and George

The history of the Meister brewery began in 1865. At that time, the Meister family opened their brewery and laid the foundation for a long brewing history. Today the fifth generation is at the helm of the brewery. According to Bavarian tradition, the first son was named after his father, which is why three bosses from the last generation were named Georg Meister. One Georg taught the next how to brew and some of the recipes have been retained from the brewery's inception to this day. The brews based on historical models include, for example, the good full beer, the tasty Zwickl or the seasonal festival beer . At Meister, the focus is on Franconian art of brewing and tried and tested craftsmanship. All raw materials are, as far as possible, sourced regionally and processed by hand into delicious beers. In order to control the quality of their ingredients as best as possible, the brewery still grinds its malt itself.

A shot after the beer?

Anyone who likes to drink something higher with their beer or at the end of a nice evening is also in good hands at the Meister brewery: in addition to the brewery, the Meister family also runs their own small distillery. His home offers the team a wealth of wonderful types of fruit from which the finest schnapps can be distilled. The distillery obtains cherries and pears directly from Pretzfeld, while plums, plums and sloes come from the immediate vicinity. In order to save unsold beer from the sink, the distillery also produces a delicious beer brandy. With their handmade drinks, the Meister family enriches the Franconian landscape of pleasure and makes their contribution to the culinary heritage of their homeland.

Here you will find a selection of the brews from Meister!

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Brauerei Meister 0,5 l bottle — € 3,80 / ltr
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Brauerei Meister 0,5 l bottle — € 3,80 / ltr
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