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Brauerei Püttner

When you're masterful at something, you're tempted to put a stop to it and stop learning. You have achieved what you wanted and there is no reason to keep trying harder than necessary. It is literally said that someone in this state is resting on their laurels. In the beer scene we observe different approaches in this regard. Some long-established brewhouses go all out on their award-winning brews, which have been brewed in-house for centuries. Others, on the other hand, release a new beer almost every week, even though they have already developed a number of creations whose success they can rest on. In order to stay on the ball in our fast-moving times and not lose relevance, most breweries have to work close to the spirit of the times and constantly develop further.

Bold steps forward

One company that fulfills this obligation with joy and enthusiasm is the Püttner brewery. Although the beers have enjoyed a good reputation since the beginning of the company's history, the team always strives to bring new creations onto the market and to always become a little bit better. Their range includes almost a dozen beers that are brewed by hand and, in addition to the purest spring water from the brewery's own well, contain hops from Spalt as well as Hallertau and grain from the region. In addition to the flexible core range, there are always new seasonal specialties that are made for special occasions and to celebrate spring. The brewery produces all the classics of the Bavarian art of brewing and, in addition to the beers, also sells schnapps and whiskey from its own distillery as well as exquisite lemonades.

200 years of brewery history

The brewery was founded in 1819. At that time, beer was brewed on behalf of the Baron von Hirschberg. The Püttner family came into possession of the brewery in 1862 and still does so today. Over time, the Püttners expanded the brewery, carried out renovations and modernizations and brought the brewhouse up to date with the latest technology. In order not only to give their customers beer, the brewery opened an inn and a hotel. A breath of fresh air blew through the brewery with the rise of the craft beer movement: the team took the first steps and released a delicious red ale. Today there are always modern brews in the range and the brewers combine traditional brewing with young ideas and new raw materials. The family has preserved a piece of beer history with their Zoigl . This traditional beer bears witness to the long history of the brewery and is one of the most popular creations at Püttner.

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Püttner Bräu GmbH
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95519 Schlammersdorf

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