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Bulabuledda Cosmétiques

For most of our lives we thought that soap and beer, like a desk and a raven, had nothing in common. But then Eva Zubiarrain came along and convinced us otherwise. The chemist found an unconventional way to combine beer and cleanser and changed the way we wash our hair forever.

An experiment with far-reaching consequences

Before Eva turned our life and shower experience upside down with her invention, she taught chemistry at a school. In 2018 she started a science club with her third graders and the group's first project revolved around the exciting process of saponification. In order to bring hydrolysis closer to her students, she introduced them to soapmaking. She expected students to understand the scientific concept better with a practical example. What she didn't expect, however, was the great enthusiasm she would develop for the soap craft herself. She fell head over heels in love with the manufacturing process and the products she created with her own two hands. A year later, Eva had experimented enough to stop just giving away her soaps. With her sophisticated recipes, she filled the shelves of her first soap shop, Bulabuledda, which she opened in 2019. Because Eva is not only a soap maker but also a chemist, she researches and works every day to make her creations better and will probably only rest when a single squirt of soap can fill your entire bathroom with foam and soap bubbles.

Good for skin, hair, environment and conscience

In order to be able to offer her customers a product that is as skin- and hair-friendly and caring as possible, Eva only soaps up cold. This process ensures outstanding quality and creates soaps that are also suitable for people with more sensitive skin. Out of conviction, neither palm oil nor animal fat is used at Bulabuledda. The soaps made from plant-based raw materials are also not tested on animals and can be used without hesitation. Soft biodegradable surfactant is used for the shampoo soaps, which is good for hair and environment. The raw material is combined with coconut oil, Ayurvedic powders from controlled organic production, selected oils and the crystal-clear, pure water of Corsica to create exquisite soaps. But Eva goes one step further: Not only does she produce her soaps and cosmetics in an environmentally friendly way, she also packs the finished items in the same way. All packaging is made of compostable kraft paper. Although Bulabuledda's selection includes a whole range of different products, we have of course chosen the solid shampoo for our range, which is made with the finest Corsican beer.

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Bulabuledda Cosmétiques

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