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Carib Brewery

The Caribbean has been a dream destination for Germans for decades: We dream of endless beaches with powder-fine, white sand, palm trees reaching into the azure sky, sun loungers in shady places, crystal-clear water, tropical plants and a coconut with a straw. However, the Caribbean has a lot more to offer: you can do all kinds of water sports there, a large number of small islands invite you to go on discovery tours, Cuban rum and cigars tempt you to cozy get-togethers in the evening, the region has an incomparably diverse ecosystem with rainforests and reefs , coasts and an abundance of flora and fauna, you can stroll through the colorful towns, listen to the local music and indulge in the unique Caribbean cuisine. The right beer for doubles, pepperpot and seafood comes from the CARIB Brewery.

beer instead of sugar

The brewery from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago dates back to a time when the main income of most residents was based on the cultivation and processing of sugar and palm oil. The Caribbean Development Company was founded for a little more financial stability and diversity. This company brought out the first beer in 1950. The brew was called CARIB Lager and laid the foundation for beer production. Five years after it was founded, the brewery was split off from the rest of the company and given its current name. When CARIB Brewery started out, it had just seven employees, but that changed quickly. The good beer spread like wildfire throughout the Caribbean and steadily increased its output. With the help of large brewing groups, the company started exporting in the 20th century and even opened branches.

Environmental protection through deposit system

With its beer, the brewery wants to reach its compatriots all over the world and give everyone else a piece of the Caribbean lifestyle. The CARIB Brewery range includes light-footed brews that go perfectly with local cuisine with their fluffy, fluffy character and tropical flair. The very first creation of the brewery is still brewed: The popular CARIB lager helped the company to its current success and is still its flagship today. In addition to fine beer, sustainability is a major concern for the company. Recycling and returnable bottles ensure that the glass does not end up in the garbage but can be reused. In addition, the delivery vehicles are operated with gas and efforts are constantly being made to make the brewing process more resource-efficient. The reduction of Co2 emissions is also a focus.

Would you like a vacation? Let the flavors of the Caribbean take you on a delicious getaway!

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Carib Brewery Ltd.
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Trinidad, W.I.

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