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Castelló Beer Factory

With luck that's a thing. Either you have it or you don't have it. The Castelló Beer Factory team no longer wanted to accept this unfavorable situation and decided to take matters into their own hands. And not just their own happiness, but that of everyone who likes to drink beer.

we make luck

When the founders of the brewery tasted the first drop of barley juice, they fell head over heels in love with the heavenly drink. Because at some point enjoying someone else's brew was no longer enough for them, they read up on a great deal of brewing expertise and shortly thereafter began to brew their own brews. Of course, it took a few tries before a really tasty beer came out, but the trio was not discouraged and soon brewed their first cracker. The three of them could hardly believe it and after the tasting were sure that they were producing pure happiness. From then on they worked according to the motto "We make luck" and the news of the good beer they pen spread like wildfire. Soon friends, relatives and complete strangers could not be put off and the boys had to think seriously about opening a commercial brewery. They scraped together every cent of their individual savings, bought the necessary equipment with combined financial strength and then they could start.

Beer with hand and foot

The liquid luck from the house of Castelló is based on a few simple basic principles: The team wants to create drinks that have a soul and taste like something. For this reason, all recipes are worked out with a maximum of passion, lifeblood and care. No idea is too crazy for the team, no raw material too precious and no effort too much when it comes to their beers. Their hard work soon paid off. The brews gave the Castelló Beer Factory a good reputation that spread far beyond the borders of their home country. Today, the hop-driven masterpieces are drunk all over Europe and are repeatedly awarded prestigious prizes in international competitions. The range consists of an exquisite selection of modern craft beers, which are flavored with handpicked hop varieties and perfectly matched malts. If you're ever in the Castelló corner, you can see the boys' dedication live on site with a beer tour, followed by a sample of their art in the brewpub. Or you can order the specialties here from us and have them freshly brewed and sent straight to your home from the brewery!

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Castelló Beer Factory
Pol. Estadio nave 44
12004 Castelló

location_on Spanien (ES)  
phone +34 964 745 026 +34 964 745 026
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