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Germans have a wide range of hobbies: while some enjoy football actively or passively, others prefer to solve crossword puzzles or sudokus, do gardening or go for a stroll. Sports activities such as hiking, cycling, jogging or going to the gym are also very high, the same applies to board games or gambling on the console or computer. While barbecue isn't on any hit list, we suspect it's kind of a secret leader. After all, there's nothing nicer in summer than standing at the grill with a cool beer in your hand and tending to the fragrant grilled food on the grill, right? In any case, we love barbecue and would like to stoke a fire for cooking at any opportunity.

From a camping trip to the world market

One company that specializes in grilling locally is CasusGrill™. The Danish company has developed an environmentally friendly disposable grill that you can take with you anywhere and that, in addition to being flexible, also has good cooking performance and is more sustainable than comparable products. On one of their camping trips, Susanne and Carsten Brøgger tried unsuccessfully to prepare their food on the disposable grill they had previously bought. The distance between the embers and the grate was too small, so the meat and vegetables were still raw on the inside, although they were already slightly burned on the outside. In addition, the aluminum pan singed the grass underneath and the window of time with the perfect cooking temperature was too small to even begin to grill everything that Susanne and Carsten wanted to eat. Everywhere on the campsite, on lakes and river banks, on meadows and rest areas, the couple also saw carelessly discarded grill trays. Something had to change, that became clear to both of them during this vacation. Over a cool beer, the idea of designing a green version of the disposable grill came up.

Grill more sustainably and better

In 2009, the dynamic duo began development. Released in 2016, the grill is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials and can even be burned in a campfire after use. The main body is largely made of recycled cardboard, the grill grate consists of bamboo, a rapidly growing raw material. The same applies to the briquettes specially developed for the disposable grill: the round coals are combined with lava stone and are ready to use within a few minutes. In contrast to conventional coals, the donut-shaped briquettes keep the heat for an amazing 60 minutes. The invention by Susanne and Carsten received worldwide recognition and has repeatedly been awarded prestigious prizes.

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