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Cervecera Península

The relationship between father and son is a very special one. Dad is the first real role model that little boys look up to alongside fictional superheroes and is often an idol that you admire and consult throughout your life. Authority figure, playmate, shoulder to lean on, confidante, walking encyclopedia, financial support, educator, friend, and so much more—fathers play countless roles in our lives and, at best, are our rock solid. In the case of Román Jove and his senior, the father-son relationship even goes one step further: the native Venezuelans not only share blood, but also a common passion for good beer.

An international beer history

The shared fascination is the cornerstone of the Cerveceria Península in Madrid. During Román's childhood in Colorado, USA, the craft beer movement was just gaining momentum and literally took him with it. He fell head over heels in love with hopped brews and was amazed by the variety and range of aromas. He drank through the range of young craft brewers and dreamed of his own small brewery. Together with friends, his father brewed his own creations in the garage at home and Rámon was able to get his first taste of brewing. Caught on the magic of hops and malt, Román joined the project and learned brewing from scratch. The prospective brewer knew Spain because his grandparents came from there and because his sisters lived there. The good brewing water of Madrid finally persuaded him to move there and got the practical implementation of his beer dream going. Because Román trained in professional brewing in California and England and is trained in both economics and finance, he met all the requirements to start a brewery. Thanks to his stable repertoire of brewing experience, he was able to put together a range that catapulted his company directly into the focus of national and international attention. The Cerveceria Península made a real rocket launch.

craftsmanship and passion

Román's range is a colorful mix of modern brews with American flair. Inspired by the attitude to life and the lively bar scene in Madrid and the American art of brewing, the beer aficionado put together a selection that is varied, tasty and hoppy. The brewer's curiosity and fascination for the beer motivates him to keep experimenting and creating new brews. His beer is a symbiosis of science and art: precise brewing technology that meets unconventional ideas and a whole lot of hops. His love for the United States can be felt above all in the variety of juicy IPAs. Taste the fruits of Román's dream come true here with us!

Logo: Cervecera Península

Cervecera Península
C/ La Granja, 5, Nave 1.
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

location_on Spanien (ES)  
phone +34 910 21 21 85 +34 910 21 21 85

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