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Cervecería Nacional Morelos

Beer and heroic stories are an unbeatable combination. Drinkable barley juice has certainly given one or the other the courage to act or inspired the ignition of a good idea. Beer is the root and the perfect companion for legends and sagas, it brings people together and creates community and cohesion. In the case of the Cervecería Nacional Morelos, in addition to the finest beer, a real Mexican national hero and the great bond with their homeland play a role.

A beery tribute to a national hero

The brewery's title is a combination of the brewers' pride and love for their nation and the name of a legendary independence fighter. José María Morelos was a Mexican priest best known for his passionate commitment to Mexico's independence and strategic acumen during the War of Independence in the early 19th century. The cleric led the insurgents and declared Mexico an independent state in 1813. A few years later, however, he was taken prisoner and accused of high treason and executed. The revolution continued in his spirit and Morelos received numerous honors post mortem: his hometown of Valladolid was renamed Morelia in his memory, and a state and another city were also named after him. His face and a well-known quote from him can be found on the 50 peso note and the brewery Cervecería Nacional Morelos brews the most delicious beer in his name. We can hardly imagine a better souvenir!

Good beer since 2015

The brewery, which honors José María Morelos with fine beers, was founded in 2015. The team wanted craft beer to spread in Mexico and set a good example for their fellow brewers. Until then, the Mexican beer market had been characterized by light, mild and not very deep lager beers and urgently needed a breath of fresh air. The Cervecería Nacional Morelos delivered this breath of fresh air in the form of powerful, creative and artisanal beer specialties and placed great value on excellent quality right from the start. Class instead of mass is the motto and the brewers strive to produce not just any beer for their friends and fans, but the best beer. Their range includes a small but fine selection of international beer styles that are brewed with dedication, hand-picked raw materials and craftsmanship. Initially, the target group of the brewery was limited to their compatriots, but now their reputation also precedes them beyond the borders of Mexico.

Write your very own heroic story with the fine beers of the Cervecería Nacional Morelos!

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Cervecería Nacional Morelos
Av. Acueducto 25, Vasco de Quiroga
CP 58230 Morelia, Michoacán

location_on Mexiko (MX)  
phone +52 443 312 78 39 +52 443 312 78 39
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