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Club Colombia

Colombia is a country of diversity: Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Colombia is home to fantastic beaches and picturesque stretches of coast as well as a lively underwater world rich in species. In addition to its coasts, Colombia has a lot more to offer. The Andes stretch across western Colombia and tower over large regions of the country with their steep mountain ridges. The mountain landscape is home to countless animal and plant species, some of which only thrive in the tropical high mountains. Active volcanoes are also part of the varied nature on site. Dense rainforest and wide rivers cover another part of the country, which is also home to large metropolises. Five areas of the second largest country in South America are biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO. In the world market, Colombia plays a role as an exporter of coffee, precious stones, tropical fruits and other agricultural products. Beer has not yet been one of the important export goods. But the country's breweries are working flat out to make their homeland's beer known beyond Colombia's borders. One of the most famous breweries is Club Colombia.

A Colombian success story

The brewery was founded in 1949 under a different name. A short time later, the brewers received international recognition and won a prestigious prize for their beer. The streak of success continues and Club Colombia is building up a range of tasty, tasty beers. The sale of the products in the USA begins in the early 1960s and marks a real milestone for the fledgling brewery. Gradually, more and more countries are interested in importing the fine Colombian beer and Club Colombia is happy to accommodate the requests. Constant awards and honors accompany the brewery from its foundation until today, even if the Club Colombia is no longer an independent brewery, but has become part of a large beverage group. This change of ownership has not changed the quality and recipes of the brewery.

A heart for Colombia's handicraft

In addition to good beer, protecting and preserving their homeland is important to Club Colombia. In a major initiative, the brewery supports social projects in Colombia. Her focus is on the diverse handicrafts of the country. Traditional techniques and guilds are threatened with extinction since the craft is no longer passed on from generation to generation as it used to be. The association works under the motto "In search of lost pride" and now supports more than 50 different industries in the country. The artisans supported include cotton spinners, hat makers, ceramists, goldsmiths, instrument makers, shoemakers, carvers and basket weavers — a colorful mosaic of master craftsmen who enrich Colombia with their art.

We admire the commitment of this brewery and are happy to support their work by enjoying their delicious beer!

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Club Colombia
Carrera 53A # 127-35
(1) 638 9000

location_on Kolumbien (CO)  

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