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Craftwerk Brewing

Craftwerk Brewing is the research and development department of the Bitburger private brewery. This is where experimenting, trying, discarding and developing what it takes to make Bitburger's wide range even more creative and versatile. With traditional values and an unchanged high quality standard, the brewers go to work and create new beer creations.

With expertise to perfection

For the people behind Craftwerk, beer is not just an alcoholic drink. Rather, beer is a cultural asset worth protecting, a multi-layered enjoyment composition, an attitude towards life. The brewers want to pass on their love for beer with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Of course, this works best with excellent, extraordinary beers. Brewing these is the goal of Craftwerk and their mission, which they take very seriously. Her award-winning creations are complex works of art that speak of centuries of brewing experience and hand-picked ingredients. In compliance with the purity law, the brewers challenge traditions and test the limits of old beer styles. New recipes are tested and brewed until the perfect end product emerges.

The glass does it

As true beer experts, the professionals at Bitburger not only know how to brew good beer, but also how to bring this beer to its best advantage. The right beer glass not only plays a role in the optical effect, it also has an impact on the taste of the brew. What is taken for granted with wine is still far too seldom practiced with beer. Nobody drinks red wine from a narrow white wine glass or even from a champagne flute, when it comes to beer, most people almost do not care which glass it is poured into, if it actually makes its way into the glass. Too often you just drink straight from the bottle and lose valuable levels of taste that are not even shown to advantage by sipping from the bottle. The right glass is essential, especially with craft beer with its multi-layered, complex worlds of taste. It's hard to believe, but an IPA, for example, actually tastes very different from different glasses. The shape of the glass, the diameter of the rim of the mouth and the thickness play a decisive role in the taste of a beer.

The Craftwerk Ale glass is the perfect companion for light ales.

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54634 Bitburg

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