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De Bassus Schlossbrauerei

The home of the Sandersdorf Castle Brewery is a very special one: Sandersdorf Castle is located in the Eichstätt district in the heart of the Altmühl Valley. Dense forests surround the place, gentle hills with lush green meadows alternate with lush fields, criss-crossed by small streams, rock formations and cultivated slopes. The varied landscape is peppered with old castles and palaces, historic ruins and picturesque villages, and on every corner you can enjoy the local cuisine and a cool, freshly tapped beer. A popular place to go is the Schlossbrauerei in Sandersdorf, which entices with its tasty beers made from organic raw materials.

Blue blood beer

Before the current owners took over the reins of the brewery, the Barone de Bassus ran the business. At that time, the fine beer was brewed directly in the castle until a new location had to be found due to lack of space. The brewing system was outsourced and rebuilt on the shady northern slope in front of the castle. In the course of this, the rock cellars were also built, which to this day reliably cool the beer and refine the taste. Under the leadership of the aristocracy, the brewery flourished and became well-known beyond the borders of Germany. In 1995 the barons separated from their brewery and the owners changed several times until finally Leonhard Salleck and Jacob Horsch took over the reins. They continue the rich brewing tradition at Sandersdorf Castle and combine the advantages of their homeland, which is rich in raw materials, with the art of brewing from nine generations of brewing crafts.

For the sake of the environment

In order to give their beers the finishing touch and to live up to their responsibility towards the planet, the Schlossbrauerei team decided in 2010 to adhere to Bioland's strict rules. Only companies that are committed to using raw materials from controlled organic cultivation and also meet the requirements for gentle and sustainable processing of the ingredients may bear the organic seal. The reason why the brewery decided to take this step is obvious: the surrounding landscape not only provides peace and strength, but also produces everything that is needed to brew a good beer. In return for this rich gift, it goes without saying for the Sandersdorfer brewing family that they protect the nature of their homeland and give something back. The brewing process is designed to be as organic and natural as possible. This includes, for example, the cooling of the beers in the brewery's own rock cellar, which is temperature-controlled all year round without using electricity. For areas where electricity is essential, energy from renewable resources is used. The brewery also plants trees for the abundance of bees and insects and works efficiently thanks to the latest brewing technology.

Allow your conscience a cool sip of beer with the creations of the Schlossbrauerei Sandersdorf!

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