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“Be a DECIDER. Taste the Change. “That is the motto of the Bavarian cider maker Andrea from DECIDER. The enthusiastic cider drinker got to know and love the cider-like drink in England.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Many ingenious inventions and the founding of some nowadays indispensable companies go back to grievances. This is what happened at DECIDER too. After Andrea fell head over heels in love with the very common drink cider in England, she was very disappointed to discover that there were not really good cider to buy in Germany. Even in pubs and bars, the cider was a rare guest and when it was available it was usually not at all what Andrea wanted in terms of taste. To renounce cider forever - or at least until your next visit to England - was not an option, so Andrea quickly founded her own cider label and has been making her own personal version of the drink ever since. She herself describes her cider as a refreshing drink that is in the golden mean between the sweet British cider and the very sour German apple wine.

A drink for world changers

The meaningful name is made up of the word cider and the English term for decision. DECIDER are people who make decisions. According to Andreas' philosophy, behind every taste (experience) there is a decision, a conscious act of a decider. In order to emphasize this statement, Andrea supports handpicked, social projects with part of the profit generated, which stand out due to their unique message. With DECIDER, deciders not only choose to enjoy wonderful ciders, but also to do something good. The production of DECIDER also fits into the concept: The cider is made in Germany under sustainable conditions and, in contrast to many competing products, does not contain any sugar or artificial additives. Andrea attaches great importance to transparent production and only chooses the best ingredients for her DECIDER. You can literally taste Andreas' passion and enthusiasm for your favorite drink!

DECIDER is represented in the range of the Bierothek with the three varieties Golden Gatsby, Lazy Lola and Pretty Pandora. All three are crisp and fresh and so delicious that we can hardly decide. Fortunately, thanks to the extremely low calorie content, that doesn't have to be the case. With an alcohol content of 4.5% to 5% by volume, you shouldn't test them all at once!



Decider GbR
Volchlinstraße 11
85114 Tauberfeld

location_on Deutschland (DE)  
phone 0176 / 10397692 0176 / 10397692

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Decider Lazy Lola
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DECIDER 0,33 l bottle — € 8,18 / ltr

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